So after many years of sitting on The Money Ninja domain and social media accounts, I have finally slashed away (ninja-style) the inertia and formally launch the blog! Although this is not the first blog I have ventured into, I am truly passionate and excited about this one!

Personal finance has always been an obsession of mine. I created my first company when I was still a teenager, traded my first stock as soon as I turned 18, and looked for ways to make and save money for as long as I can remember. Along the way, numerous friends and family have benefited from my advice, which was what spearheaded this idea for a blog in the first place.

Whether you are making $50,000 or $100,000 or $250,000 – join me as I dispense advice and strategies on how to maximize your finances. You will make more of it, save it better, and spend it in ways you wish you had ages ago!

In the meantime, feel free to email me with any suggestions for blog posts at john@themoneyninja.com.

Let’s do it, ninja style!