Best Crypto Bonus Offers and Promotions in September 2023

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Earning free crypto is the best! You get to invest in cryptocurrency without using a lot of your own money. And luckily for us, many companies offer crypto bonus offers to new customers. As you narrow your search for the best crypto bonus offers, don’t forget …

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9 Companies That Will Give You Free Shares of Stocks

How To Get Free Stock hero image

There are many stock trading apps that will give you free stocks just for signing up. Give your investment portfolio a boost by grabbing these free stock offers today! I’ll go over the best stock trading apps that will give you free shares of stocks. How …

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Acorns Referral Bonus: $20 Sign-Up Offer

Acorns Referral Bonus featured image

Get a $20 bonus when you open an Acorns account using my referral code. This is 4x more than the standard referral bonus of $5. The Acorns investing app lets you invest your spare change from your everyday spending to earn more money and save for …

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5 Best Places To Put Your Savings

Saving money in blue piggy bank hero image

While a savings account at a local bank is the most convenient place to save money, it’s probably not the best choice. There are many options to consider based on your savings goals and time horizons. Find out the best places to put your savings in …

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How To Make $100 Fast in 2023

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Do you want to learn how to make $100 fast? Then this post is for you because making $100 quickly is easier than you think! If your credit card bills, student loans, rent payments, or some other expenses have left your wallet empty, you may need …

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How To Save Money On A Low Income

"No Money" words with woman in an empty piggy bank

Learn how to save money on a low income. I’ll show you creative ways to stretch your dollar and how to take advantage of free money hacks to make more money! When you’re not making a lot of money, it’s challenging to find ways to save …

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Making $100,000 A Year And Still Struggling

Young woman struggling looking at bills

A new reader of The Money Ninja sent an email to us that she is making $100,000 a year and still struggling to make ends meet. Here’s her story, what her expenses are, and what I recommend to her in order to get back on the …

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Plaid Class Action Settlement: Submit Claim for $58 Million

Plaid Class Action Settlement hero image

Plaid has settled a class action lawsuit, paying $58 million as part of the settlement. If you’ve used one of the thousands of mobile apps that has integrated Plaid, there’s a good chance that you’re eligible to submit a claim under this Class Action Settlement. Ninja …

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