Seated Promo Code MARYNA1 Gives You $60 in Extra Rewards

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It’s a new month and that means new Seated promo codes! Our Seated app review and codes list have been the most popular posts on this site. You’ve made your voice heard! So without further ado, here are the latest Seated codes for November 2019 January 2020.

What is Seated?

For readers who are new to The Money Ninja, Seated is a restaurant reservation app that gives you 20% to 40% of you dining bill back when you go out, just for taking a picture of your restaurant check! You can read my Seated review for an in-depth look or visit their web site. Simply put, it’s the best app to use when you eat out at restaurants.

Once you download the app through either Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store, enter the promo codes listed below when you sign-up to get even more rewards on top of what you’d normally earn!

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Seated Promo Codes (November 2019 January 2020)

All of the promotion codes below have been verified to work as of November 2019! You can now earn $60 as a new Seated app user or $45 for existing customers using the promo code MARYNA1 and other codes below!

New Seated User:

If you’re new to Seated, once you download the app, add the $15 sign-up promo code MARYNA1 first before entering the other codes listed below. It won’t work if you enter it after the other ones, so add it first. You’ll get a total of $45!

Existing Seated User:

MARYNA1 is only for people who have never used Seated before, so unfortunately it won’t work if you’ve previously made a reservation with the app. However, the other codes worth a total of $45 will still work!

List of Seated Promotion Codes:


How do I add promo codes on Seated?

To add promo codes on Seated, open the app and it will bring you to the main screen. Look for the settings icon (in the shape of a wheel) at the top-left corner and click on it. A new menu will appear and on the top-left of that will be a button with the words “Add Code”. This is where you’d enter any codes you may come across.

Showing where to enter promo codes in the Seated app

To see if the code has been added successfully or to see what codes you currently have in your Seated account, go back to the screen where “Add Code” was found. Instead of clicking that, there’s a menu item called “My Promos”. This is where the app will store all your current and previous codes.

Which promo code will Seated use first?

Seated will always use MARYNA1 the first time you dine out with the app since that’s the sign-up bonus code. After that, Seated will apply the highest dollar code you’ve added to your account.

Screenshot of Seated promo code MARYNA1 rewarding $15 for a restaurant reservation

So if you added all of the promo codes listed above into your Seated account, the order of codes redeemed would be MARYNA1, followed by PLUS15, then PLUS10, and finally PLUS5. If two codes have the same rewards amount, it will use the one that has the earlier expiration date.

The Bottom Line

It’s crazy that Seated is already giving you back 20% to 40% of your restaurant bill, but is now providing another $30-$45 to use their app! My review of Seated gave it extremely high marks overall (9.3 out of 10 stars) based on their easy-to-use app and high rewards system, but this puts it way over the top!

The only knock against Seated is the limited amount of cities it’s currently available in. Although it has over 3,000 restaurant partners, they’re located in big metropolises: Boston, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia (Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., Seattle, Houston, Denver, Austin, and Providence will be relaunched soon). Hopefully as more people support it, they can expand to more cities and partner with additional restaurants.

You may be asking why Seated is offering so many different promo codes. It’s because they, like other companies, give different incentives to different customers. If you haven’t used Seated for a long time, they may offer you a bigger reward, like a $15 code, to entice you to use the app. On the other hand, someone else who uses Seated all the time doesn’t need as big of a motivation to use the app again, so they’ll get a smaller promotion.

BUT, the great thing is that all codes will work for EVERYONE – you just have to find them. An online community like ours is the perfect place to share this information, which is why I have a dedicated post that will always be updated with latest promo codes. It doesn’t work without your help though, so please leave a comment if you run across a code that I haven’t listed yet.

Time to eat!


  1. MARYNA1 and the other codes all worked on my account and my friends at college. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Thanks for saving the poor students some money!

  2. TMN – I don’t know if you know this, but I used MARYNA1 after reading on Reddit how there are wannabe Google advertisers making FALSE claims. If you Google “seated promo code”, there are two one-page ads claiming their referral codes give $20 and they guarantee it haha. Such liars when we know the most is $15. The not so honest referrals are using “N66” (Weebly site) and “YI60” (Seated text link).

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’m aware of them, but not concerned whatsoever. My ads are not only killing theirs in performance, but I actually have a blog that people actually stay and read other posts. It’s funny how much they’re paying for clicks 😛

      Beyond that, I have the top two organic searches for that keyword which draws in a lot more visitors than the ads themselves.


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