Tastyworks 100 Free Stocks Offer (Worth Up To $600)

Tastyworks has some of the most generous free stock promos for new users available! The latest Tastyworks offer gives 100 free shares of stocks when you open a stock trading account!

Learn how to qualify and how much each stock is worth in this post!

About Tastyworks

Tastyworks is a stock trading app that was created by the co-founders of thinkorswim, a trading platform they eventually sold to TD Ameritrade for a whopping $606 million in 2009.

The tastyworks app is geared towards stock options traders so it looks a tad technical, but let’s be honest… if you’re reading this, you don’t care how the app looks – you’re here for the free stocks!

Tastyworks 100 Free Stocks

Ninja Update 6/9/22: Offer has expired, but tastyworks has a new welcome bonus of $200.

New tastyworks users can get 100 free stocks when they open an account and fund it with $2,000!

You’ll get the 100 free stocks one week from the time you deposit the $2,000. The funds must remain in your account for at least three months starting the day you receive the free stocks.

You don’t need to invest the $2,000 either. If you’re not comfortable investing the money, just leave it in your account for at least three months so you can keep the free stocks.

tastyworks 100 free stocks promo

How To Get 100 Free Stocks

Sign-up Link

  1. Sign up for a tastyworks account through this link
  2. Deposit $2,000 into your new tastyworks account between 7/1/2020 and 12/31/2021
  3. Receive your 100 shares of free stock within a week of funding your account
  4. Keep your deposit and free stocks in your tastyworks account for at least 90 days

Once you sign up for a tastyworks account, you need to wait a few days for approval before they let you fund your account.

If you have a problem with the 100 free stock promo or any other issues, don’t hesitate to call their customer service department – the people there are excellent and will take care of you. Send an email to support@tastyworks.com or call tastyworks directly at 1-888-247-1963.

Value Of 100 Shares Of Free Stocks

The free stocks will be randomly selected from a list of stocks priced between $1 and $6. Here are the odds of what free stock you’ll receive:

  • 70% chance of receiving stocks priced under $2.00 per share
  • 30% chance of receiving stocks priced over $2.00 per share

So you can potentially get up to $600 worth of stocks, but the average value is between $200 to $220.

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100 Shares Of Free Stocks Terms & Conditions

  • 100 Shares of Stock or 10 Options Offer is available to all approved new customers (as determined by tax ID) who fund their tastyworks account with $2000 USD, are legal U.S. residents, and are ages 18+ as of date of participation.
  • Stock bonus or Option bonus will be credited to Qualified Customer’s account approximately one week from the time the funds post to the Qualified Customer’s account, on Friday’s by 4pm CST during the Promotional Period. 
  • Stock will be randomly selected by tastyworks from a list of stocks priced between $1 and $6 USD. The list of Stocks is determined by an algorithm and Stock value may change frequently due to market activity and will be adjusted by tastyworks in its sole discretion. The odds of specific stock allocation is implemented as follows: there is a 70% chance of receiving Stock priced under $2.00 per share, and a 30% chance of receiving Stock priced over $2.00 per share. The value of Stock received will average $200-$220 USD based on the price of shares at which the Stock is purchased by tastyworks. All promotional shares of Stock are priced at the market price at time of purchase by tastyworks on Qualified Customer’s behalf not later than the market day after Qualified Customer completes the funding of their account. 
  • Options will be randomly selected based on the price of 10 long calls or 10 long puts. The average days till expiration will be between 15-25. The value of the option position received will average $200-$220 USD based on the price of the option contracts at which the options is purchased by tastyworks. All promotional option contracts are priced at the market price at the time of purchase by tastyworks on Qualified Customer’s behalf not later than the market day after Qualified Customers completes the fund of their account. 
  • The funds deposited to Qualified Customer’s account, plus the initial value of the Stock or Options received (less any losses on the Stock or Options) are required to remain in Qualified Customer’s account for a minimum of three months starting the day shares or Options deposited into account, subject to extension from date of entry, before withdrawal in order for Qualified Customer to receive the value of the Stock or Options (“Three Month Period.”) The value of Stock or Options Qualified Customer receives will be credited to their account upon deposit, but will be debited out of Qualified Customer’s account if the Three Month Period requirement is not met, and will not count toward Qualified Customer’s buying power until the end of the Three Month Period. Qualified Customers can sell their Stock or Options once deposited into their account, but the proceeds will be subject to the foregoing Three Month Period requirement. 
  • IRA’s and Trusts are not eligible for this promotion.

The Bottom Line

Getting an average value of $200 to $220 in free stocks for depositing $2,000 for 90 days is a fantastic return – especially when it’s risk-free. It’ll certainly beat out any savings or money market account that you may have had the money sitting in.

Rather than getting 100 free shares of stock, there’s also an option to get 10 free stock options. The average value ends up being the same, but options are a little more complex. I’d take the free stock and sell the shares after the minimum 3-month holding period.

For those that want crypto instead, tastyworks has a similar offer where you’ll get $200 in cryptocurrencies for depositing $2,000.

tastyworks - how to get free stocks
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