Voyager $25 Crypto Bonus With Referral Code JOH419F83

New users that join Voyager with referral code JOH419F83 will get a $25 crypto bonus in bitcoins!

Learn more about the latest Voyager promotions below and see how you can earn more free crypto!

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Get a $25 BTC crypto bonus when you sign up with this exclusive link.

About Voyager

Voyager is a commission-free crypto investing app that lets you buy and sell over 60+ cryptocurrencies while earning up to 12% interest (APR) on your portfolio via the Voyager Interest Program.

The Voyager Interest Program allows you to earn interest on your crypto holdings, up to 12.0% APY as of July 2021. The interest will be paid out monthly and deposited directly into your Voyager account.

To participate, maintain the required minimum monthly average balance as shown (each crypto has its own minimum).

Crypto PlatformPromotionLink
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Voyager logo$25 Free BitcoinLink
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Voyager $25 Bonus

Sign-Up Offer Link

Voyager will give you a bonus of $25 in free Bitcoin when you download the app with the referral code JOH419F83.

You’ll receive the $25 bonus once you deposit and make a trade worth at least $100.

How To Get $25 BTC Bonus:

  1. Sign up using this link
  2. Enter referral code JOH419F83 in the reward code field if the code isn’t already there during sign-up
  3. Deposit and trade at least $100 in your Voyager account
  4. Bonus will be deposited within 30 days of your trade

Voyager Referral Program

Once you have a Voyager account, you can take part in the Voyager Refer-a-Friend program.

You’ll get a referral bonus of $25 BTC for every friend you refer that opens an account and trades $100 worth of crypto.

Find your unique referral link by clicking on your account page (it’s the head icon on the top right-hand side) on the Voyager app and selecting ‘Refer a Friend‘.

You can refer up to 100 friends to Voyager through our Refer-a-Friend Program. If you think you can get more friends on board, send Voyager an email at to learn about their affiliate program. 

The Bottom Line

For crypto sign-up bonuses, I always buy a stablecoin to avoid the price vitality in cryptos like Bitcoin. That’s what I did to earn my $25 Voyager bonus.

I signed up for the app, deposited $100, and used the money to buy USDC – a stablecoin that pegs its value to the U.S. dollar ($1 of USDC is worth $1 U.S. dollar).

USDC also earns 9% in APY interest. The interest is accrued daily and compounds monthly. Earning interest on your crypto is another opportunity to make money with your cryptocurrency holdings.

For those who may consider doing the same, just remember this isn’t a traditional FDIC-insured bank account. Invest after you’ve done your due diligence.

Interested in earning more free crypto? Check out the Coinbase Earn program where you can get free crypto just by learning about them.

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