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Buy A U.S. Mint Coin For $87 And Sell For $187 ($100 Profit)

The U.S. Mint will release a limited edition 2019 American Eagle 1oz Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof coin later this month. They’re only selling 30,000 of these coins and a well-known coin club wants to give you $100 profit for agreeing to sell the coin to them!

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12/10/19 Update: I decided to off-load my coin and just sold it for $1,750 making a profit of over $1,650!

11/19/19 Update: eBay now has auctions completed between $850 to $1,000… and a lot are sold at this price range too. $900+ in profit.

11/17/19 Update: This is crazy… there’s coin collectors out there willing to offer $600 for it.

11/15/19 Update: They will raise it to $300 if you email them. This makes it a $213 profit-maker!

11/13/19 Update: They have raised their buying price to $200 for everyone, so you’ll make $113 now!

eBay auctions for 2019 American Eagle reverse proof silver coin

What is the offer?

PFS Buyers Club (Registration Link)

On November 14th, the U.S. Mint will start selling 30,000 limited edition coins (American Eagle 2019 1oz Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof). It’s limited to one coin PER household and demand is expected to be high among collectors.

PFS Buyers Club, a collectors coin club, is offering to buy the coin off of you for the cost of the coin and pay you an extra $100 for your trouble. They have had similar offers in the past and feedback has been positive.

Here are the details:

  • On Thursday, November 14th – at 12:00PM ET the US Mint will release a limited edition “American Eagle 2019 One Ounce Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof” Coin.
  • There is a limit of one (1) coin per household. The cost of each coin will be $65.95. After including the $20.95 shipping charge (we are requesting overnight shipping for this deal), each order’s total will be $86.90.
  • You will have the box shipped to your own house or office and then ship them to PFS Buyers Club with a prepaid FedEx shipping label that we will provide for you.
  • We will pay you $187.00 – for a profit of $100.10 per order.

How do I participate in the offer?

First, you must register for a free PFS Buyers Club account. Once you sign up, you have to opt-in to the deal here (the opt-in button is at the bottom of the page).

Then, on November 14th at 12:00PM (set up a phone reminder or alarm), you need to order the coin from the U.S. Mint web site. I would suggest creating an account with the U.S. Mint web site beforehand so you don’t have to deal with trying to open an account on the day of the coin release.

Once you get the coin from the U.S. Mint, just slap on the prepaid shipping label that PFS Buyers Club will send to you so that it ships to them. That’s really it.

If you’re new to this process, please read the directions carefully. You have 2 days from receiving the coin before you need to ship it to PFS Buyers Club.

Process for selling coins to PFS Buyers Club

What other details do I need to know?

Please only opt-in if you’re 100% committed to selling the coin to PFS Buyers Club if you’re successful in purchasing it. Don’t register for this deal if you’re not going to be available during the day and time of the coin release. Don’t register for this deal if you plan on selling it elsewhere.

There are other options to resell this coin. For example, there’s a few eBay sellers who currently pre-selling this coin for $600. That’s obviously a much bigger profit opportunity, but you also run the risk of the market flooding and losing money.

Selling it to PFS Buyers Club is a guaranteed deal since they have agreed to a set price that will give you $100 in profit. They may pay you more if they see that the coin has increased in value, but they will never give you less than what was originally promised.

The Bottom Line

I’ve done similar coin deals with PFS Buyers Club in the past and never had an issue. I set a reminder 30 minutes before a coin starts selling and just follow the directions. Easy peasey lemon breezey!

If you aren’t able to get in on this deal or were too late, don’t worry. The U.S. Mint releases coins all the time that PFS Buyers Club will be happy to buy from you. Register an account now and you can get in on the next deal that comes around.

Enjoy the $100+ in free money!

12 thoughts on “Buy A U.S. Mint Coin For $87 And Sell For $187 ($100 Profit)”

  1. Incredible tip!
    Ended up securing one, and referred a friend to do so. Easiest money I’ve ever made. It’s awareness only the Money Ninja can provide that makes this site so valuable, figuratively and literally.
    Thanks TMN!!!

  2. I saw your updates on how quickly this exploded and it makes me wonder how many other items out there can be turned around for a quick buck. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nice. I sold mine for $1950. I didn’t want to chance getting it graded and not getting a 70 mark. Buyers are paying a premium for unopened boxes.

      • Looks like the price is stabilizing around $1,800 – $1,900 for an unopened box. Opened one are selling for less ($1,400 give or take).

  3. Why is this coin going up so much? Is it special compared to other coins the Mint releases?

    My department took an early lunch break to do this thing. We had 14 people in on it, but only 2 managed to get it. From 11:59 AM to 12:20 PM we were hitting that refresh button like our life depended on it lol. They both are selling it to PFS. The Ebay prices look tempting, but we keep our commitments here in NYC!

  4. nevermind. i checked my order status and i actually got through! i never committed to selling it to PFS, and i see ebay is listing these coins for over $600. is there any risk going through ebay instead?

  5. My GF and I were trying to do this. She was able to submit the order while I kept getting stuck on the billing screen.

    The directions the buyers club sent told us to enter our credit card information beforehand, but that ended up wasting valuable time. Their server was hit so hard with traffic and the system couldn’t auto-fill the payment. The GF did it manually and got through.

    She won’t share the profit either even thoufh I told her about it. SMH

  6. That was tough. I had two computers side by side to place two separate orders (different shipping addresses). Both kept timing out and after a million refreshes, one order went through. The other failed at the check-out screen.

    The Mint site obviously got hammered on this deal and the server couldn’t handle it. Did anyone else get through?


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