I know there’s a lot of options out there for financial advice – it’s a crowded field. I have to earn your trust, which is why I am giving away my material for free and do not plan on selling anything to you directly. If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about my background.


My mom and dad came to America to escape communism at the end of the Vietnam War. With little more than the clothes on their backs, they worked 18-hour long days to support the family and tried to give us a middle-class upbringing.

Eventually, my parents saved enough money to start their own mechanical engineering company and with hard work, it became a very successful business. It didn’t stop there as they branched out to many other things: managing rental properties, investing in stocks, and leveraging their cash assets.

…and now

Being poor before being rich teaches you many things about finances – it forces you to be smart with money. As I got older and started reading about personal finance advice from “professionals”, I realized they were ALL BORING.

They all say the same things like “keep a strict budget” and “stop buying Starbucks lattes”. But let’s be honest:

  • Nobody likes doing budgets
  • Nobody wants to stop drinking coffee
  • Nobody thinks not going on vacation is fun

That’s old-fashioned financial advice. Instead, I want to show you the modern way of handling finances.

Rather than saying NO to everything, I’ll teach you how to MAKE more money, SAVE it better, and SPEND it wisely. You’ll be able to do the things you want because you’re going to be smarter on how you manage it.


YES. I know because I did all the methods that I will write about here. These MAKE it, SAVE it, and SPEND it ideas started coming to me at a young age.

I started working at a local grocery store when I was 16 making $5.25 an hour and although I met great people there, I wondered to myself why I was working so hard for so little?

Right around then, the internet, or information superhighway (as we called it back then) started to blow up big. It opened so many different opportunities that never existed before. Who knew you could make $600 for chasing a bank bonus – I used to do it for free t-shirts!

Since that time I’ve:



  • Borrowed money to arbitrage rates in order to earn over $50,000
  • Made almost $100,000 from chasing bank bonuses and high interest rates
  • Outperformed the market without the need for financial advisers


And many, many more. So join me as we dive into this together. Let’s have fun and at the same time, be better money managers. Welcome to The Money Ninja!