Fetch Rewards Referral Code MONEYNINJA Gives You 4,000 Points

Fetch Rewards referral code MONEYNINJA gives you a total of 4,000 points. If you’re using the Fetch Rewards app for the first time, see how to get this sign-up bonus!

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Fetch Rewards App

The Fetch Rewards app lets you earn rewards for taking pictures of all your grocery receipts!

Plus, when you use my referral link to download the app and add the promo code MONEYNINJA, you’ll earn 4,000 points! You’ll earn 3,000 points as a welcome bonus and another 1,000 points for scanning your first few receipts.

Ninja Update: You can now earn rewards on all your receipts with Fetch! Scan receipts from places like restaurants, gas stations, and coffee shops. Online purchases at stores like Amazon.com also count!

Fetch Rewards - steps to earn rewards

Fetch Rewards Referral Code

If you’re looking to find a Fetch Rewards referral code, I’ve got one for you below. The referral code MONEYNINJA will give you 4,000 points as a sign-up bonus:

Referral CodePoints BonusExpiration

You can redeem the 4,000 points for a $4 gift card at many participating stores like Amazon, Apple, and Target. You can even redeem your points for cash by converting them to Visa gift cards.

How To Enter Referral Code In Fetch Rewards

Step-By-Step Directions:

  1. Open The Fetch Rewards App
    Launch the Fetch app after you download it through my referral link.
  2. Enter Referral Code During Sign-Up
    Enter the Fetch referral code “MONEYNINJA” when prompted.
  3. Earn 4,000 Points
    Start scanning your receipts with the app and earn 4,000 points for your first few receipts!

The Bottom Line

I’ve been using Fetch Rewards since 2019 and it’s totally legit. It’s an easy way to earn rewards for scanning your grocery receipts (or any receipts from any store).

I try to buy the brands or products promoted by Fetch since they earn a ton of points and they’re items I would have bought anyways. Some deals are incredible when you combine it with other offers, like when I made a profit of $80 buying 38 packages of chicken.

See my full review of Fetch Rewards to learn more.

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