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What counts as a direct deposit when it comes to bank sign-up bonuses?

A man taking money from wallet
A lot of bonuses for opening a bank account require a direct deposit. Below we'll list banks with sign-up bonuses and what counts as a direct deposit. This will help those who recently signed up to get $600 from...

Free Money: $600 Checking and Savings bonus from Chase Bank

Chase Bank building
Chase is offering a $600 bonus for opening up a checking and savings account. This is one of the best bonuses that can be done over and over again. We recommend you do this whenever you become eligible. Where...

Top 10 ways to make money on your phone

Two girls holding money
There's quite a few posts out there that tells you how to make money, but most of the things they recommend requires an investment. Like yeah, you can invest in stocks, but you need cash available to do that. Here, we'll list...

Seated App promotion codes

Seated app logo
Our review of the Seated app was so popular yesterday that we want to help users of Seated with an on-going list of promotion codes that's available. This will give you an extra bonus on top of the rewards you would normally...

T-Mobile Tuesday: Free things for customers this week

T-Mobile Tuesday free stuff this week
T-Mobile has been running a customer appreciation day every Tuesday where they give you free things and heavily discounted offers. Find what's available this week! Who is eligible for this? As long as you are a...

App Review: Seated pays you for dining out

Taking a picture of food
Move over OpenTable, Seated is the best app for dining out, providing incredible rewards for simply taking a picture of your food receipt. If you like eating out (and who doesn't) and want to get paid for it, here's our Seated app...

Buying gift cards at a discount to save more when shopping

There are online sites, called gift card exchanges, that sell unwanted gift cards at a discount. You can take advantage of this and save even more when you shop. Here's what you need to know. What are gift card...

How to combine coupons, promotions, and discount codes to buy things at the lowest prices

Smart shoppers have traditionally saved money by waiting for things to be on sale, but there's a group of people, extreme saving ninjas, who push the limit on buying items at the lowest possible price. How do they do it?

What are Cash Back web sites and how do they give you money for shopping online?

Our readers are mainly Generation X and Millennials who are very internet savvy, yet when it comes to web sites offering free money, even the best of us have alarm bells going off. But some sites, called cash back...

Equifax Class Action Settlement: Minimum $125 to $375 per person affected (link included to see if you are)

Equifax, one of the three consumer credit reporting bureaus, experienced a massive data breach in 2017. The data leaked included people's social security numbers, birth dates, home addresses, and driving license numbers. It affected over half of all Americans. VentureBeat called the...

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