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Budweiser Carry Out Food Promo: $10 Rebate On A Take Out Order Of $10+

Picking up take out food from worker
Budweiser Carry Out Food promo is yet another promotion to help with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Most restaurants are still shut down for dining in, but pick-up and delivery options are available. To encourage people to support local restaurants, Budweiser is offering...

Making $100,000 A Year And Still Struggling

Young woman struggling looking at bills
A new reader of The Money Ninja sent an email to us that she is making $100,000 a year and still struggling to make ends meet. Here's her story, what her expenses are, and what I recommend to her in order to...

Arcadia Power $10 Referral Bonus For Both Parties & $1,000 For 10 Referrals

Arcadia Power logo
Arcadia Power Overview Arcadia Power allows you to pay your electric bill with a credit card for free and you don't have to switch your energy provider to do so. Additionally, Arcadia contributes 50% of your energy use into...

11% Home Depot Rebate on In-Store Purchases

Home Depot store front
Home Depot is offering a 11% rebate for your entire purchase made in-store! See all the details in this post! How do I submit the rebate? Mail-in Rebate Form or Online Rebate Link

Amazon Smart Plug For $0.99 With Promo Code SMARTPLUG99

Amazon smart plug hero
You can get an Amazon smart plug for $0.99 with promo code SMARTPLUG99. Find out how to get a crazy discount on this smart home device! Amazon Smart Plug Offer Direct Link Amazon...

Aspiration $100 Checking Bonus (No Deposit Requirements)

Aspiration debit card
Aspiration, a socially responsible online bank, is offering customers a $100 checking bonus with no deposit requirements! About Aspiration Aspiration is an online financial institution based out of California that offers banking and investing products. It...

Free Oil Change For All Essential & Front-line Workers

Oil change by woman with on face grease
Ford Motor Company is offering a free oil change for all essential and front-line workers. This applies to everyone, not just Ford owners. This is "The Works" package which includes a synthetic oil change, tire rotation, and vehicle checkup at no cost!

Get 30% to 40% Off At Amazon When Using 1 AMEX Point

American Express wooden stamp logo
Amazon is offering 30% to 40% off your order when you use at least one AMEX point at checkout. This also works on gift cards. See if you're targeted for this offer below! The Offer There...

Get 20% Off At Amazon Using Just 1 Discover Point

Purple-colored Discover It card zoomed in
Amazon customers can get 20% off of their next order when they use just one Discover point. It works on gift cards too! See if you're targeted for this offer below! How do I check if I'm targeted?

Seated Is Now Offering Rewards On Pickup & Delivery

Seated App phone app and logo
Great news on one of my favorite apps - Seated is now offering rewards on pickup and delivery orders! Seated Overview Seated is a restaurant reservation app that gives you up to 40% back in rewards...