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The 7 Best Cash Back Apps That Will Save You Money

Cash back phone pop-out on yellow background
Here are the 7 best cash back apps that will save you money! Earning cash back on your purchases is a great way to make some extra money. Today, I'll go over the most rewarding cash back apps that I find the best value...

When Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Refinance Your Mortgage phrase on keyholder
With mortgage rates at historic lows, many people are wondering if they should refinance their mortgage at this time. After all, mortgage refinancing is one of the best ways to potentially save you thousands of dollars. But with so many different numbers thrown around, it...

Making $100,000 A Year And Still Struggling

Young woman struggling looking at bills
A new reader of The Money Ninja sent an email to us that she is making $100,000 a year and still struggling to make ends meet. Here's her story, what her expenses are, and what I recommend to her in order to get back...

Amazon: Use 1 Chase Ultimate Rewards Point & Get $10 Off $30

Amazon logo on glass building
Get $10 off $30 on your next Amazon order when you use 1 Chase Ultimate Rewards point! Ninja Update 3/31/21: Offer extended through 6/30/21. Amazon "Chase $15 Off $30" Promo Amazon and Chase are teaming up again with another promotion that gives Chase cardholders the opportunity to...

How To Get Free Starbucks Drinks

How to get free Starbucks drinks hero image
Did you know there are ways to get free drinks at Starbucks? I'll show you how to get free Starbucks drinks and other tips and tricks to save money whenever you have that Starbucks urge! So if you're a hard-core Starbucks addict and can't get...

How To Save Money On A Low Income

"No Money" words with woman in an empty piggy bank
Learn how to save money on a low income. I'll show you creative ways to stretch your dollar and how to take advantage of free money hacks to make more money! When you're not making a lot of money, it's challenging to find ways to...

Truist $1,000 Checking + Savings Account Bonus

Truist Bank logo on laptop hero image
Truist (formerly SunTrust) is offering a $1,000 bonus when you open both a new checking and new savings account with them! See the details of this deal and learn about a "secret" that will give you a 60% return on your money for just...

Coinbase Earn Offers: $167 In Free Cryptos For Learning About Cryptos

Coinbase with Bitcoin hero image
Coinbase is offering users the chance to earn free cryptos by learning about cryptos! See the latest free crypto offers available inside! NEW COINBASE USER BONUSEarn a $10 bonus when you sign up with this link.Simply buy or sell $100 worth of cryptos within the first 6 months! Ninja...

How To File Taxes For Free (Or Save Money If You Can’t)

Tax Time bicolor hero image
It's that time of year again - tax season. In this post, I'll show you how to file your taxes online for free or save money completing your tax return if you don't qualify for the free options. It's tax time, let's do this! 2021 Tax...

GetUpside Promo Code DWRF5 Gives You 95¢/Gallon

GetUpside Promo Code hero image
Find the latest promo codes for GetUpside! Supercharge your cash back rewards from gas purchases by applying the latest GetUpside promo code here! Ninja Update 3/28/21: GetUpside reached out to us to thank everyone for supporting their app! They also wanted to gently remind everyone...