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Arcadia Power Review | Pay Electric Bills with Credit Card

Electric bill with light bulb on top
I try to use credit cards anywhere I can to earn points and rewards, but with electricity bills, it's either not possible or you'll get charged a fee for doing so. Not anymore. I'll let you know how you can use Arcadia...

Google Pixel Class Action Settlement: $350 to $500 Per Person

Google Pixel phone on top of white table
If you had a Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL phone that was made before January 4, 2017 and didn't receive a replacement phone that was made after January 3, 2017, you are entitled to a Google class action settlement between $350...

Seated Promo Code MONEY1 Gives You $70 in Extra Rewards

Seated app logo
You can now earn $70 as a new Seated app user or $55 for existing customers using the Seated promo code MONEY1 and other codes below! This is on top of the regular rewards you'll earn for dining out.

11% Home Depot Rebate on In-Store Purchases

Home Depot store front
Home Depot is offering a 11% rebate for your entire purchase made in-store! See all the details in this post! How do I submit the rebate? Mail-in Rebate Form or Online Rebate Link

$10 for Reloading Amazon Gift Card Balance

Amazon gift card standing upright on dark table
Amazon is offering a $10 bonus for reloading your Amazon balance! Check to see if you're eligible with our link below! How do I know if I'm targeted? Direct Link

Buy an iPhone 11 at 50% Off with Trade-In

iPhone and Airpods on top of table
The new iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro isn't even out yet, but T-Mobile is offering 50% off if you trade in an old phone! Other phone carriers also have great pre-order deals! What are the details?

$15 Amazon Credit for Trying Amazon Photos

Shopping at Amazon with a tablet
Amazon is offering a $15 credit just for trying Amazon Photos! This is basically free money since no purchase is required! Check to see if you're eligible with our link below! How do I...

Crazy Things I Did to Make Money in College

Side Hustle spelled out in crossword pieces
I was extremely fortunate to have parents who made education a priority and paid for both my private high school and college tuition. It's shocking to see how much tuition and fees costs, especially today. They never spoiled me...

Wells Fargo $400 Checking Account Bonus

Wells Fargo window sign in front of bank
Wells Fargo is offering a $400 bonus for opening up a checking account and set up a direct deposit for 3 months. This is one of the best bank bonuses that can be done over and over again. We recommend you do...

Create a Baby Registry at Walmart and Get a Free Baby Gift Box

Adorable baby with toy dog
Walmart is offering customers a free Hello Bello baby box when they create a baby registry! What are the details? Direct Link Walmart is offering a premium baby...

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