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CIT Bank Review | Highest Interest Rates for Savings

CIT Bank offers one of the highest interest rates available for a savings account with their CIT Savings Builder. It doesn't have monthly fees and gives you the ability to withdraw your money at any time. Additionally, it is FDIC insured so...

Save 15% on Amazon with a Baby Registry and Get a Free Welcome Box

Adorable baby with toy dog
Amazon is offering customers a sizable 15% discount when they create a baby registry and you'll also get a free welcome box! The maximum spend you can receive the 15% discount on is $5,000.

Save 20% on Amazon with a Wedding Registry

Bridge and groom kissing with bride holding bouquet
Amazon is offering customers a whopping 20% discount when they create a wedding registry! The maximum spend you can receive the 20% discount on varies. What are the details? Direct Link...

Top 10 Ways to Save Money Fast

Watering money
Even if you are in a great position financially, it never hurts to save more of your hard-earned money. As the saying goes, "money saved is money earned". With that, here are some ways to save money fast. Most...

Hot Deal: Amazon $30 off $60 When Using American Express Points

American Express Logo
Amazon customers can get $30 off $60 when they use American Express and pay with points. You can use just 1 point and it still gets the full $30 discount. It works on gift cards too! Check to see if you're targeted...

How I Got Paid $1,000 from an Airline Flight Delay

Airplane with sunset in the background
You can get paid next time your flight is delayed or cancelled. Here's how I got paid $1,000 when United delayed my flight. Flight delays and cancellations cause major inconveniences and seem to be happening ever more frequently. If...

Top 10 Ways to Make Money on Your Phone

Two girls holding money
There's quite a few posts out there that tells you how to make money, but most of the things they recommend requires an investment. Like yeah, you can invest in stocks, but you need cash available to do that.

Chase $600 Checking and Savings Bonus

Chase Bank building
Chase is offering a $600 bonus for opening up a checking and savings account. This is one of the best bank bonuses that can be done over and over again. We recommend you do this whenever you become eligible.

T-Mobile Tuesday: Free things for customers this week

T-Mobile Tuesday free stuff this week
T-Mobile has been running a customer appreciation day every Tuesday where they give you free things and heavily discounted offers. Find what's available this week! Who is eligible for this? As long as you are a...

Buying Gift Cards at a Discount to Save More When Shopping

There are online sites, called gift card exchanges, that sell unwanted gift cards at a discount. You can take advantage of this and save even more when you shop. Here's what you need to know. What are gift card...

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