Food Delivery Promo Codes (DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Seated, Caviar)

There are many ways to save money on food delivery and takeout orders. One of the most popular methods is to use promo codes.

Seated, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Caviar, Postmates, and Instacart are the most well-known food delivery apps and they all routinely offer promo codes to let you save money on your food orders. Keeping track of these promotional codes can be tough though, so I’ve created this guide to update readers on the latest discounts available.

Some promotional codes are for new users only, while other codes can be used by everyone. Here are 15 food delivery promo codes to help you save on your next meal! Bon appetit!

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission at no cost to you if you decide to make a purchase through my links. Visit this page for more information. The content on this page is accurate as of the posting date; however, some of the offers mentioned may have expired.

List Of Food Delivery Apps Promotion Codes

Seated app logo

Seated Promo Codes

New Seated user? Sign up using this link or enter promo code NINJA1 to get $15 to $50 off your first meal! **Seated is currently available in the following cities: Boston, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.**

Uber Eats logo
(Uber Eats)

Uber Eats Promo Codes

New Uber Eats user? Sign up using this link or enter promo code EATS-UBERAZURIK to get $20 off your first meal! **Uber Eats promo codes are sometimes targeted to some accounts only**

EATS-UBERAZURIK (Sign Up Link)$20 off new users12/31/2024
GRP3030% group orders7/31/2024
DoorDash logo

DoorDash Promo Codes

New DoorDash user? Sign up using this link to get $5 off your first order of $25. **DoorDash promo codes are sometimes targeted to some accounts only**

Sign Up Link$5 off new users12/31/2024
GET50BACK50% off ($10 max)7/31/2024
TENDASH$10 off $12 (2x)7/31/2024
DRINKS10$10 off $35 (alcohol)7/10/2024
GPO3030% off group orders7/21/2024
Grubhub logo

Grubhub Promo Codes / Seamless Promo Codes

New Grubhub or Seamless user? Sign up using this link to get $10 off your first order!

Sign Up Link$10 off new users12/31/2024
GRUBPRIME$5 off (8x)7/30/2024
SAVE4040% off $25+ (3x)7/31/2024
Postmates logo

Postmates Promo Codes

New Postmates user? Sign up using promo code YUM6J468 to get $25 off your first 3 orders of $35 or more!

NANI$20 off $407/14/2024
NANI20$20 off $407/14/2024
Caviar logo

Caviar Promo Codes

CHEER2020% off ($15 max)12/31/2024
FOODGIFT1010% off ($10 max)7/31/2024


The Bottom Line

Promo codes are a great way to save on your food delivery and takeout orders. With the right dining credit card or rewards credit card, you might be able to stretch your savings even further.

Keep in mind that some of these promotions are targeted. If you received an email about a promotion not listed above, feel free to forward it to support@[thisdomainname].com.

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2 years ago

I left a comment but it had my last name can you remove to just show my first name? thanks.

2 years ago

Anyone know what are the “select restaurants” for the Broadway ubereats code?

2 years ago
Reply to  Carla

The code details state food deliveries only and at select stores. Someone made a comment that Uber Eats mentioned this code is available in Massachusetts, but I live in Boston and haven’t found a place yet 🤷‍♂️

3 years ago

Do NOT sign up to Door Dash empty handed! ALWAYS sign up with a referral code, this one is mine:
But you can use any, just don’t sign up without one because you get a free $30 just for signing up with a referral code!