Webull 2 Free Stocks Up To $3,300 + $5 Crypto

Webull is a free brokerage app that lets you trade stocks for free with no minimum balance requirements or fees to open or maintain an account.

Plus, open a Webull stock account using the referral link below and you’ll get 2 free stocks and $5 worth of free crypto!

Earn 2 FREE stocks and $5 FREE crypto when you sign up with this link.
Get 1 stock for opening an account!
Get 1 more for depositing any amount!
Get $5 worth of crypto when you complete $1 of crypto trading!

About Webull

Webull Financial is a brokerage firm based out of New York City and located right on Wall Street. It’s regulated by FINRA and your funds are insured by SIPC. In other words, it’s as legit and safe as bigger brokerage companies like Etrade and Fidelity.

But unlike most of the bigger names, they don’t charge fees for trading stocks. Similar to Robinhood, they’ve figured out how to earn money on cash balances, transaction rebates, and premium memberships. This has opened the door for both big and small brokerages to compete with each other for your business.

When companies fight for your business, YOU WIN.

Webull Free Stock + Free Crypto Offer

The current Webull offer gives you up to two free stocks and free crypto (Shiba Inu) for completing the following easy requirements.

Step 1: Sign Up & Get 1 FREE Stock

When you sign up for a Webull account using this referral link and complete the registration process, you’ll be rewarded with 1 free stock worth between $3 and $300.

You’ll also immediately have access to a three-month Level 2 Advance subscription for free. This allows you to look at stocks with a much better view of its buy/sell demand.

Step 2: Deposit Any Amount & Get 1 More FREE Stock

Once you make a deposit of any amount within 30 days of account opening, you’ll get another free stock worth between $8 and $3,000 each.

Free stocks are chosen randomly by an algorithm from Webull’s reward program inventory of settled shares. The free stock is from a company that’s listed on NYSE or NASDAQ with a minimum market cap of $2.5 billion. In other words, the free stock is from a well-known company.

Here are the odds of what you can get:

  • $8 – $30 stock, approximately 1:1.02
  • $30 – $100 stock, approximately 1:52.63
  • $100 – $200 stock, approximately 1:1111.11
  • $1000 – $2000 stock, approximately 1:10000

So while it’s harder to get a stock worth over $1,000+, you can get lucky like our reader Matt who got a free Google stock when he opened his account!

Webull free stock offer - GOOG stock award
(Screenshot from Webull app)

Step 3: Buy $1 of Crypto & Get $5 Worth of Crypto Free

For a limited time, trade at least $1 worth of crypto and you’ll receive $5 worth of crypto. You can choose between:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Shiba Ini (SHIB)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Cardano (ADA)

You can buy or sell any cryptocurrency under this promotion as long as it’s at least $1 to qualify for the free Shiba giveaway.

Webull Signup Process

The process of signing up for a new Webull account is very easy:

  1. Sign up for a Webull account using this link.
  2. You’ll get 1 free stock once your account is approved.
  3. Make a deposit of any amount to get 1 more free stock.
  4. Trade $1 worth of crypto and get $5 worth of crypto for free.

When I signed up a couple of years ago, I got a share of SNAP (Webull didn’t offer 2 free shares of stock until recently), which is the company that owns Snapchat. It’s not Google, but how can you complain about getting something for free 🙂

Webull referral free stock offer
(Screenshot from Webull app)

Webull Referral Program

Now that you have your own Webull stock account, you can take part in their referral program to earn more free stocks!

During the New Year bonus, when you refer three friends, you’ll get a spin on Webull’s 2022 New Year Wheel and win Amazon (AMZN) fractional shares!

You’re guaranteed to win at least $150 in Amazon stock, but you could also win Amazon shares worth $300, $450, $750, $1,050, or $3,000!

Note you must opt in to this special offer in your Webull app. In the Promotion Center, find the “Holiday Referral Bonus” announcement.

Your friend will also receive 2 free shares of stock based on the same requirements you did when opened a Webull account – they’ll receive 1 free stock for completing registration and 1 more free stock for making a deposit.

To refer your friends, go to “My Free Stock” in the app and click on “Invite Friends” to share your referral link with your friends.

You can refer up to 100 people every month so chances are, you’ll run out of friends before you run out of referral bonuses… unless you’re that popular!

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The Bottom Line

The Webull app is intuitive and easy-to-use and a great way to invest in the stock market from your phone. With no minimum balance requirements and free stock trading, it’s a no-brainer if you’re interested in stocks. The Webull referral bonus is icing on the cake!

And if you want to transfer your assets from another brokerage account, Webull will reimburse you for any fees up to $100 associated with the move.

What free stocks did you get? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to share your own referral link!

Ninja Note: You can post your referral link if you share what free stocks you received or any other comment of value. Referral links without any contribution will be deleted.

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    • It’s credited within 5 business days of creating your account and should show up under “My Messages” – it’s the icon on the bottom right-hand side of your Webull app.

      Once you deposit at least $0.01, you’ll get another free share of stock. The free crypto offer worth $5 requires you to trade at least $1 of any cryptocurrency.

  1. Would you please explain the ACAT transfer fee. If I’m reading it right if you ger a $75 free stock it cost $75 to transfer it to your bank so you only break even. If the stock you get is ledd then you’ve lost money?

  2. Successfully open a Webull brokerage account and receive four free stock. In order to claim your free stocks from Webull.


  3. Join Webull using my code and get 2 free shares. I’ve received freebies in Ford, ADT, and others in the $10-12 range. Very good referral program. Thanks for helping me as well as yourself.

  4. I received CX and AM. Each is worth $8-9.

    Thanks in advance for using my referral link.


  5. Hi Everyone! My 2 free shares were for Ford and Apple!

    It only takes about 5 minutes to sign up – the app is so user friendly that my wife has been investing too! (She got Ford and GE)

    Here is a referral link to claim your 2 free stocks too:


  6. Use my link and you will get 4 FREE stocks!
    Please and thank you!


  7. Hi I’m new to the stock game and have a question before I setup my profile. Do I sign up to get the 2 free stock or so I need a referral from someone to receive the 2 free stock or would the referral make it a total of 4 free stock. Also what is the promo for March 2021

    • Hi Mannie! You don’t need to refer anyone to get free stocks. You can use our link (https://themoneyninja.com/go/webull-influencer/) to sign up and you’ll get 2 free stocks (1 stock for joining and 1 stock for depositing at least $100 into your new account).

      If you want more free stocks, you can refer your friends and family with your own referral link that Webull will provide for you in the app. When they open a Webull account, you both will get 2 free stocks each (per referral).

  8. Hey! Here’s the link to get your 4 free stocks as mentioned in the article:

    I signed up yesterday and got my account approved/recieved my free stocks by the end of the day. I got 1 worth $9 and 1 worth $52 without even making a deposit yet for the other 2 free stocks so I really can’t complain. If you use my link me and you will both get free stocks! (And I’m currently unemployed so I would really appreciate it <3 )

  9. I got AAPL stock!
    Share my luck with you guys
    Here is my referral link and hope you all can get great free stock!

    Link removed due to spamming from the same IP address.

  10. Webull has been a great platform change for me. I switch from Robinhood because they did not allow trades during normal extended hours. I received 2 free stocks worth around $4 each for creating a new account and then 2 more free Ford stocks worth about $9 each. The value of the free shares is far better than from on Robinhood and they also offer more incentives to gain the freebies. It is also a better platform to analyze companies that you are invested in and has community where you can exchange thoughts with others. Sign up now with my link below and deposit $100 and you’ll get 4 free shares ranging from $4-$1600/share and if you refer 2 friends who do the same you get 10 free shares.

  11. I only got two shares of SWN for opening the account. Waiting to get another two stocks for funding the account. Also, the first two stocks you get each have a maximum value of $250, while the next two stocks you get have a maximum value of $1600. Therefore the total maximum value you can get is $3,700 and not $6,400. Please use my link to help me out! Thanks!


  12. Facebook, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Snap
    You have a 1/100 chance of getting a free stock from one of these companies when you open a Webull brokerage account.

  13. BTW, new promotion Sep 1, 2020 is only free stock after depositing $100.
    If you want to help another human being out, please use my referral.

  14. Please use my referral link for a free stock after depositing $100 or more and also a 3 month Level 2 advance subscription for free.

  15. I got SAN and LEVI for my 2 free stocks. I referred 2 friends and got 6 more free stocks… all LEVI, lol. I guess it’s time to buy some jeans and support the company.


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