TradeStation Promotions: $5,000 Bonus Offer + Free Crypto Bonus

TradeStation offers promotions for both new and existing users!

New users that join TradeStation can get $10 in free crypto just for opening an account plus up to $2,500 in deposit bonuses. Another new user promo will give a $150 cash or crypto bonus for a $500 deposit.

There’s even an offer for existing users to earn up to $5,000 when they transfer new funds into their TradeStation account.

Full details of all TradeStation promos below!

What is TradeStation?

Based in Florida, TradeStation is an online brokerage with an award-winning platform that offers full trading capabilities for stocks, ETFs, options, futures, and crypto.

TradeStation charges no commission on stocks & ETFs and commission as low as 0.05% for trading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDC.

TradeStation Promotions

Here are all the available TradeStation promotions. The first two offers are for new users only, while the third promo is open to both new and existing users.

Offer #1: TradeStation $10 Free Crypto + $2,500 Bonus (New Users)

Get $10 of free crypto by just opening an account. No other requirements! Plus, get up to a $2,500 cash reward or crypto reward based on your initial deposit.

Simply open a free TradeStation account using the link below. Once your account is approved, you’ll get $10 worth of crypto for free. Plus earn an additional cash or crypto reward based on your initial deposit amount:

Initial DepositCash RewardCrypto Reward
$5,000$200 USD$200 in crypto
$10,000$500 USD$500 in crypto
$100,000$1,000 USD$1,000 in crypto
$1,000,000$2,500$2,500 in crypto

How To Get $10 Crypto Bonus + Up to $2,500 Cash or Crypto Reward:

  1. Open a TradeStation account using this link to lock in the free $10 crypto offer
  2. Receive the $10 crypto bonus once your account is approved
  3. Make an initial deposit and get a one-time cash reward or crypto reward within 45 days (reward based on the amount of your first deposit)

Offer #2: TradeStation $150 Bonus Offer (New Users)

Get $150 worth of Bitcoin from TradeStation Crypto or $150 cash from TradeStation Securities.

Open an account using the link below and receive $150 BTC when you use promo code TSTVAFYH or receive $150 cash when you use promo code TSTVAFYB.

How To Get $150 Crypto or Cash Bonus:

  1. Open a TradeStation account using this link to lock in the $150 crypto or cash bonus offer
  2. Enter promo code TSTVAFYH for the crypto bonus OR enter promo code TSTVAFYB for the cash bonus
  3. Crypto: Deposit or purchase $500 worth of crypto within 45 days of offer enrollment | Cash: Initially fund your account with $500 or more within 45 days of offer enrollment
  4. Receive your first $75 payment after you maintain your funding through the end of the next full month following account funding date
  5. Receive your second $75 payment after you maintain your funding through the end of the second full month following account funding date
Crypto PlatformPromotionLink
Gemini logo$50 Free BitcoinLink
Hodlnaut logo$20 Free CryptoLink
BlockFi logoUp To $250 Free BTCLink
Voyager logo$25 Free BitcoinLink
Okcoin logo$50 Free BTCLink
Celsius Network logoUp To $640 Free CryptoLink
Coinbase logo$10 Free BTCLink
eToro logo$10 Free CashLink
Abra logo$100 Free CPRXLink
Ledn logo$50 Free USDCLink logo$25 Free CROLink
Cake Defi logo$30 Free DFILink
Bitstamp logo$20 Free CashLink
Nexo logo$25 Free BTCLink
Binance.US logoEarn Up 40% CommissionLink

Offer #3: TradeStation $5,000 Funds Transfer Bonus (New + Existing Users)

Get up to $5,000 when you transfer funds into your TradeStation account with promo code CASHAFRV.

New users must open an account using the link below and enter the promo code CASHAFRV. Existing users should complete the form on the offer page.

The more funds you transfer in, the more cash TradeStation will deposit into your account:

Cash RewardQualifying Assets

How To Get Up to $5,000 Cash Reward Bonus:

  1. New and existing users must click this link to lock in the funds transfer offer
  2. Fund the account with new assets within 45 days of offer enrollment
  3. Hold the assets deposited or transferred for 270 days
  4. Receive a one-time cash reward following the end of the holding period

All new funds deposited during the 45 calendar days of account enrollment will count towards the bonus offer.

The Bottom Line

These bonuses are so much better than what TradeStation offered in the past.

For new users, the second offer is best if you don’t have a lot of money available since you’d get a $150 bonus for depositing just $500 (and it pays out in only two months). The first offer is better if you have $5,000 or more to deposit.

For existing users that want to earn an additional bonus, the third offer provides another opportunity to do so.

TradeStation also has a Crypto IRA account that allows you to buy, sell, and trade crypto in your IRA – it’s one of the first brokerages that offers a retirement account that can hold crypto.

I’ll add this to the list of both the best bank bonuses and the best crypto bonuses.

4 thoughts on “TradeStation Promotions: $5,000 Bonus Offer + Free Crypto Bonus”

  1. Stablecoin earns 6% interest. If doing this bonus it seems like a no brainer to exchange the dollars for USDC and park it for a few months at 6%. I don’t see any fees for exchanging back and forth. Does this seem correct from your interpretation of the terms?

    • Correct, if you’re trading dollars to USDC (and vice versa), there are no maker/taker fees and deposits and withdrawals are also fee-free.

    • I personally don’t pay attention to Trustpilot when it comes to brokerage reviews. People go on there to complain. E*Trade is rated a 1.3 and Robinhood is rated a 1.1 and many others (including myself) never had issues with any of these platforms.

      You’ll find most complaints are from people who don’t understand margin accounts, upset because they can’t withdraw immediately due to issues with their account, or don’t understand why KYC verification is required.


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