Chase $600 Checking and Savings Bonus

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Chase is offering a $600 bonus for opening up a checking and savings account. This is one of the best bank bonuses that can be done over and over again. We recommend you do this whenever you become eligible.

Ninja Update 11/18/20: A $500 version has appeared! Similar details – see this post to apply.

Ninja Update 10/10/20: Offer has expired. We’ll post the new link when the next $600 bonus offer comes around. If you don’t want to wait, there’s a $200 bonus from Chase for opening just a checking account.

Ninja Update 8/5/20: The latest $600 offer has appeared – good through 10/1/20.

Chase $600 Checking and Savings Account Overview

Chase has brought back an incredible promotion right now that gives you a chance to get up to $600 in bonuses. This is open to the public and ends in a couple of months, but don’t wait until the last minute! Sometimes they pull the offer before the expiration date, so I would jump on it if you’re interested.

The current offer summary:

  • Get $300 with a new checking account and another $200 with a new savings account with qualifying activities. Plus, get an extra $100 bonus when you do both!

Where do I enroll?

You can enroll directly at the promotion page Chase has set up for this special offer:

Direct Link

Who qualifies for the Chase $600 bonus?

Everyone is eligible for one checking bonus and one savings account opening related bonus every 2 years from the time you last received a bonus from Chase.

That also means if you had a checking bonus from Chase in the last 2 years, but never opened a savings account, you can get the bonus for the savings (and vice versa).

You also can’t be a current customer for the specific account you’re applying to.

Chase $600 bonus offer


What are the details?

Availability: Nationwide
Expiration: 10/1/2020
Household Limit: None (everyone in your family can get the bonus!)
Direct Deposit Required: Yes, any amount for checking account (see what counts as a direct deposit)
Early Account Termination Fee: Must keep the account open for 6 months or you will forfeit the bonus

The Chase $600 bonus is broken up as follows:

  • Checking Account: Receive a bonus of $300 when you open a Chase Total checking account with $25 or more and have a direct deposit within 90 days of account opening
  • Savings Account: Receive a bonus of $200 when you open a Chase savings account and deposit $15,000 or more within 20 days of account opening and maintain a balance of $15,000 for 90 days
  • Extra Bonus: Receive an extra $100 bonus for completing both account bonuses

After you have completed all requirements, Chase will deposit the bonus due within 10 business days.

Ninja Note:

For the savings account bonus, I recommend depositing the $15,000 by writing a check out to yourself from a checking account you have at another bank. Then use mobile deposit or deposit the check at a physical Chase branch. It appears as though electronic bank transfers for an amount that large triggers a security alert with Chase and it’ll take a call to their customer service to clear warning – you can avoid the hassle with a check deposit.

For the checking account bonus, I recommend having a real direct deposit of any amount to trigger the bonus. In the past, there were many other transfers that counted as a direct deposit, but it seems like it hasn’t worked with Chase very recently.

You can either apply directly online, or enter your email address and Chase will send you a coupon which you bring with you to a Chase branch.

Chase Bank bonus account opening options

Avoiding Fees

The checking account has a monthly fee of $10-12 and the savings account has a monthly fee of $5, both can be waived if you do ONE of the following:

Checking Account:

  • Keep a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more
  • Keep an average daily balance of $5,000 or more in all your qualifying Chase accounts combined

Savings Account:

  • Keep a minimum daily balance of $300 or more
  • Have at least 1 repeating automatic transfer of $25 or more from your Chase checking account (one-time transfers do not count)
  • Have a linked Chase Better Banking Checking, Chase Premier Checking, Chase Premier Plus Checking, Chase Sapphire Checking, or Chase Private Client Checking account

Terms & Conditions

  • Checking offer is not available to existing Chase checking customers.
  • Savings offer is not available to existing Chase savings customers.
  • Both offers are not available to those whose accounts have been closed within 90 days or closed with a negative balance.
  • You can receive only one new checking and one new savings account opening related bonus every two years from the last enrollment date and only one bonus per account. 

The Bottom Line

This is the best promotion Chase has offered to the public. In the past, you could have done this every year, but since it got so popular, they have increased the time required between receiving bonuses to every two years.

The savings account’s requirement of leaving $15,000 in there for 3 months may be difficult for some people to do, but everyone should at least be opening up a checking account. Getting $300 for putting $25 in and having one direct deposit is easy breezy, lemon squeezy.

I’ve done this for 6 years now, and between 4 family members, this is an easy $2,400 in free money every other year!


  1. I saw the offer for the $500 bonus. Does this mean my husband and I can each open separate checking/saving accounts and each get the $500 bonus?

  2. How do I go about getting both the Chase checking and savings bonus? I think I read if you already have a Chase Checking (I don’t) you can’t get the Savings account bonus. Is there a way to sign up both at the same time?

    • I believe you can get the savings bonus and checking bonus separately – you just won’t get the extra bonus for doing both.

      The application process will open both accounts at the same time though. Early in the process it will give you this choice.

  3. Money Ninja, one correction. In the grey update box, “Ninja Update 11/18/20” should read “Ninja Update 10/18/20” (i.e., “10” instead of “11). Thanks for the good content.

  4. Hey Money Ninja, I was looking for the $600 bonus coupon code but I can’t find any link. Any idea where can I get it or any other offer at Chase or any other bank that I can use ?

      • Thanks Money Ninja. I looked at Santander offer but I do not qualify as I don’t live in the eligible states. I even looked into Citizens bank 600 bonus offer but that seems to me over on 1 Oct as well. Let me know if Chase or Citizens or any other banks offer comes back. I will follow this thread ! Thanks


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