Buy An iPhone 11 At 50% Off With Trade-In

The new iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro isn’t even out yet, but T-Mobile is offering 50% off if you trade in an old phone! Other phone carriers also have great pre-order deals!

iPhone 50% Off With Trade-In Offer

Direct Link = iPhone 11 | iPhone 11 Pro

Pre-order an Apple iPhone 11 or Apple iPhone 11 Pro at T-Mobile and get up to 50% off with a qualified trade-in (valid for new and existing T-Mobile customers):

Eligible devices for $550 off:
iPhone XS Max (64GB; 256GB)

Eligible devices for $500:
iPhone XS (64GB; 256GB)

Eligible devices for $350:
iPhone XR (64GB; 128GB)
iPhone X (64GB)
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus

This is great because it doesn’t require you to open a new line! The best value here is trading a really old phone (like the iPhone 7) to get $350 off. For any of the trade-ins, you’ll get the discount via billing credits for 24 months.

Here are the full details of the deal.

If you prefer to get a cash card instead of credits, you can order through Costco Warehouse instead.

How can I get the deal through Costco?

You must purchase an Apple iPhone 11 or Apple iPhone 11 Pro at full retail price and do the following:

  • Already have or activate at least one voice line per device purchase
  • Apply for the rebate at: using promo code COSTCOAPPLE11TRADE
  • Mail your trade-in device within 30 days of the shipping date of the new device
  • Eligible customers will receive a one-time bill credit for the value of their trade-in and will receive the remainder of the promotional value via a Virtual Express Prepaid Mastercard within 8 weeks

Are other carriers offering an iPhone 11 deal?

Yes, but not as great. They require a new line, buying two phone, or going through a lease. Here are the deals going on at other major carriers:

  • AT&T – Buy one. Give one. Plus get a $300 reward card
  • Verizon – Get up to $500 trade-in credit to your account over 24 months
  • Sprint – Flex 18-month lease with trade-in

The Bottom Line

This is a pretty hot deal for an iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro. You get the latest iPhone model at half the retail price. Great for those who are still using an iPhone 7 or 8. If you have an iPhone 9 or X, it’s harder to justify.

If you’re part of the Apple ecosystem and have been waiting to upgrade, this is as good as it will get for a while!

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