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CardCash 5% Off Sitewide With Promo Code 2020SURVIVOR

CardCash is offering 5% off all gift cards on their site when you use the promo code 2020SURVIVOR at checkout. See details below!

What Is CardCash?

CardCash is an online gift card marketplace where users can buy and sell discounted gift cards.

It’s one of the largest online gift card exchange sites in the United States and one I mentioned as a top choice to sell your unwanted gift cards.

CardCash mobile app

CardCash Promo Code

CardCash is offering 5% off all gift cards with promo code 2020SURVIVOR.

  • Offer expires 1/1/21 at 11:59 PM EST
  • Maximum $3,000 per customer
CardCash promo code 2020SURVIVOR

Terms & Conditions

  • All CardCash promotions are valid until the expiration date written in the email.
  • Most promotions are not yet available on the app.
  • Maximum $3,000 per customer.
  • Brand new cards purchased through the brand new gifting platform are not included in this deal.
  • Coupons or price changes will not be applied to these cards.

The Bottom Line

CardCash typically offers a 5% sitewide sale once every couple of months. The discount is on top of the already discounted prices listed.

A pattern I’ve noticed in previous sales is that the already discounted prices aren’t as low as they typically are. For instance, Nike is usually offered at 7% off. During promotional events like this, CardCash lowers the discount to 5%.

I find the marketing tactics a little sneaky, but it’s still a good deal because 5% plus the 5% sale gives you a total of 10% off, which better than the normal 7% discount.

Keep in mind, all gift cards purchased on CardCash are only guaranteed for 45 days once you buy it. Make sure you use it up before that time.

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