Google Fi Referral Code: UJD42N = $20 Credit + $1,000 Savings Offer

Use Google Fi referral code UJD42N and receive a $20 credit off your first bill. Plus, enjoy savings offers of up to $1,000 towards a new phone!

Full details of this Google Fi referral bonus offer and other promotions below!

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What is Google Fi?

Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) is a phone plan by Google that combines the LTE and 5G networks of T-Mobile and US Cellular with secure Wi-Fi connections to provide users better coverage coast to coast.

You can choose from unlimited and pay-as-you-go data plans and switch between each one as much as you like for free.

All three available plans are competitively priced and includes talk, text, and data within the US, Canada, and Mexico while Flexible and Unlimited plans add coverage for an additional 200+ countries (see plan details below).

Google Fi Referral Code UJD42N = $20 Credit

Get a $20 service credit when you join Google Fi with referral code UJD42N.

This offer is for new customers only. Google considers a “new customer” as “someone who has never had Fi service or someone whose last day of Fi service took place more than 180 days before making a purchase with this promotion.”

How To Use a Referral Code on Google Fi:

  1. Open a Google Fi account using this link or enter the Google Fi referral code UJD42N during account registration.
  2. Activate and maintain Google Fi service for at least 30 days.
  3. Receive a $20 credit towards your first monthly bill.

Plus as a new customer you can get up to $500 when you trade-in an eligible device and save up to $1,000 on a new Samsung or Google Pixel phone when you bring your number to Fi.

The Bottom Line

For full disclosure, I’m an actual Google Fi customer and have no affiliation with them. I just love their service.

Coverage using Google Fi is excellent if you use phones “designed for Fi”, which include Google Pixel and select Samsung and Motorola phones. The service switches between T-Mobile, US Cellular, and secured Wi-Fi networks to offer the best connection.

Other phones like iPhones will use only T-Mobile’s network since US Cellular is only in a few states and has a limited spectrum.

Google Fi has three plans that all become progressively cheaper as more lines are added to the plan:

  • Flexible: Best if you want to only pay for the data you use
    • $10/GB
    • calls, text, and data in US, Mexico, and Canada
    • data rate of $10/GB in 200+ countries
  • Simply Unlimited: Most affordable plan if you use lots of data
    • unlimited data
    • calls, text, and data in US, Mexico, and Canada
    • no data outside of US, Mexico, and Canada
  • Unlimited Plus: Great if you travel, want unlimited tethering, or use lots of data
    • unlimited data
    • calls, text, and data in 50+ countries
    • unlimited data in 200+ countries
LinesFlexibleSimply UnlimitedUnlimited Plus
1$20 + $10/GB$50$65
2$18 + $10/GB$40$55
3$17 + $10/GB$25$45
4$17 + $10/GB$20$40
5$16 + $10/GB$20$40
6$16 + $10/GB$20$40

I travel to other countries frequently and the best perk for me is the free high-speed international data with the Unlimited Plus plan.

Other mobile carriers charge a pretty penny for this service. T-Mobile for example assesses $50 for a 15GB international pass that lasts for 30 days (non-Magenta plans).

For a family of four, I think paying $160 a month for unlimited text and data in over 200 countries, unlimited hotspot tethering, and free calls in 50+ countries is a steal.

To get the same benefits with any of the legacy carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon), you’d have to pay significantly more.

If international data isn’t important for you, the cost for a family of four under the Simply Unlimited plan is $80 per month, a 50% savings compared to Unlimited Plus.

Once you have your own Google Fi plan, invite others to join using your referral code and both of you will receive a service credit.

Let me know how you make out or if you feel that I missed something in my analysis.

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