Google Pay: Earn $30 For Walmart+ Subscription (Profit Opportunity)

Google Pay is offering $30 when you subscribe to Walmart+! Stack this deal with other offers to make money. Learn more below.

Ninja Update 2/6/21: Swagbucks is now offering $75 instead of $50, making this Walmart+ deal a no brainer. You’ll profit ~$27 while getting Walmart+ free!

Google Pay Overview

Google has relaunched Google Pay (GPay) after announcing major new features.

The biggest update is a Venmo-like ability to pay people, groups, and businesses. You can also split payment for things like dinner or rent – and even use Google Pay to order food or buy gas, all from within the app.

Google Pay - pay people, groups, and businesses

Earn $30 On Walmart+ Subscription

Google Pay is offering $30 when you sign up for a Walmart+ annual plan.

You only need to use the Google Pay app to activate the offer. Once you do, simply use your enrolled credit card or debit card at to start a 15-day free trial Walmart+ membership.

Once the free trial ends, you’ll get $30 cash back when your card is charged for the annual plan.

You can even make money by combining other Walmart+ deals with this offer (details below).

Learn more about Walmart+ and start the 15-day free trial here.

Ninja Note: Interested in more Google Pay deals? Search this site for other available Google Pay deals.

Google Pay Walmart $30 for Walmart+ subscription offer

How To Get Offer

Launch the Google Pay app and click the ‘Explore‘ icon on the bottom left-hand corner:

Google Pay 'Explore' tab

Scroll down the list of Google Pay offers until you find the Walmart $30 cashback deal. Click the ‘+‘ symbol next to the offer to add it to your account:

Google Pay offers list

Terms & Conditions

  • Earn $30 cashback when you activate this offer and purchase the Walmart+ annual plan using your enrolled card.
  • Your card must be charged by March 15, 2021, in order to receive the cashback reward; your card will not be charged until any free trial period is over.
  • Your cashback reward will be processed after your free trial period is over and your card is charged for the Walmart+ annual plan.
  • You can earn a maximum of 1 reward with this offer.
  • Valid online only on the Walmart Plus (Walmart+) website.
  • You do not need to pay with Google Pay to redeem this offer.
  • You must be opted into Google Pay rewards and have at least one eligible payment card enrolled in the program.
  • Any cashback you earn will be added to your money in Google Pay.

Stack Google Pay Offer With Other Walmart+ Deals

A number of other places are offering cash back to sign up for a Walmart+ subscription:

  • Swagbucks is offering $50 for a Walmart+ annual subscription
  • Dosh is offering 10% back ($9.80) for a Walmart+ annual subscription
  • Chase Offers (for those with Chase credit cards) is offering $10 for a Walmart+ subscription

Steps To Combine Walmart+ Deals

Here are step-by-step directions to take advantage of all the offers:

  1. Download Google Pay [$21 Sign Up Link]
  2. Create a Dosh account [$1 Download Link] OR copy and paste this link if the download link doesn’t work:
  3. Sign up for Swagbucks [$13 Referral Link]
  4. Start a 15-day free trial for Walmart+
  5. Cancel the Walmart+ free trial immediately afterwards
  6. Open Google Pay, activate the Walmart+ offer (do nothing further on Google Pay)
  7. Activate the Chase offer for Walmart+ (if you have it showing in your Chase account)
  8. Open Dosh, search for the Walmart+ offer, and click-through the offer with the same linked credit card on file with Google Pay (do nothing further on Dosh)
  9. Go to Swagbucks, search for Walmart+ offer on the web bar, and sign up for the Walmart+ annual plan with the same credit card on file with Google Pay and Dosh

Results: $124.80 in cash back ($30 from Google Pay, $75 from Swagbucks, $9.80 from Dosh, and $10 from Chase)

The Bottom Line

If you’re able to stack all the deals, you should be able to squeak by with a small profit while getting 12 months of Walmart+ for free!

About John Pham

John Pham is a personal finance expert, serial entrepreneur, and founder of The Money Ninja. He has also been fortunate enough to have appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, and U.S. News & World Report. John has a B.S. in Entrepreneurship and a Masters in Business Administration, both from the University of New Hampshire.

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3 years ago

What if one has signed up for the trial before? Can we still do the steps above??


3 years ago

Oh I was thinking the 15 day free trial was a work around to get the $30 from Google Pay. Like the Spotify free trial for a free Google mini deal a while back. So why am I getting & cancelling the 15 day trial if I still gotta pay $98 for the annual to get the Gpay $30?

Also the Dosh link doesn’t open anything and is there supposed to be something about about $75 on the swagbucks page cuz I don’t see anything. Just “join free $10 bonus”

3 years ago

I’m confused, Gpay says to get $30 cash back, I gotta buy the “Walmart annual plan”. You’re saying go to walmart first & do a 15 day trial so Google play will give me $30? If I cancel Walmart right away, how am ending up with a year of walmart+ free?