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Google Pay: Earn $30 For Walmart+ Subscription (Profit Opportunity)

Google Pay is offering $30 when you subscribe to Walmart+! Stack this deal with other offers to make money. Learn more below.

Ninja Update 2/6/21: Swagbucks is now offering $75 instead of $50, making this Walmart+ deal a no brainer. You’ll profit ~$27 while getting Walmart+ free!

Google Pay Overview

Google has relaunched Google Pay (GPay) after announcing major new features.

The biggest update is a Venmo-like ability to pay people, groups, and businesses. You can also split payment for things like dinner or rent – and even use Google Pay to order food or buy gas, all from within the app.

Google Pay - pay people, groups, and businesses

Earn $30 On Walmart+ Subscription

Google Pay is offering $30 when you sign up for a Walmart+ annual plan.

You only need to use the Google Pay app to activate the offer. Once you do, simply use your enrolled credit card or debit card at to start a 15-day free trial Walmart+ membership.

Once the free trial ends, you’ll get $30 cash back when your card is charged for the annual plan.

You can even make money by combining other Walmart+ deals with this offer (details below).

Learn more about Walmart+ and start the 15-day free trial here.

Ninja Note: Interested in more Google Pay deals? Search this site for other available Google Pay deals.

Google Pay Walmart $30 for Walmart+ subscription offer

How To Get Offer

Launch the Google Pay app and click the ‘Explore‘ icon on the bottom left-hand corner:

Google Pay 'Explore' tab

Scroll down the list of Google Pay offers until you find the Walmart $30 cashback deal. Click the ‘+‘ symbol next to the offer to add it to your account:

Google Pay offers list

Terms & Conditions

  • Earn $30 cashback when you activate this offer and purchase the Walmart+ annual plan using your enrolled card.
  • Your card must be charged by March 15, 2021, in order to receive the cashback reward; your card will not be charged until any free trial period is over.
  • Your cashback reward will be processed after your free trial period is over and your card is charged for the Walmart+ annual plan.
  • You can earn a maximum of 1 reward with this offer.
  • Valid online only on the Walmart Plus (Walmart+) website.
  • You do not need to pay with Google Pay to redeem this offer.
  • You must be opted into Google Pay rewards and have at least one eligible payment card enrolled in the program.
  • Any cashback you earn will be added to your money in Google Pay.

Stack Google Pay Offer With Other Walmart+ Deals

A number of other places are offering cash back to sign up for a Walmart+ subscription:

  • Swagbucks is offering $50 for a Walmart+ annual subscription
  • Dosh is offering 10% back ($9.80) for a Walmart+ annual subscription
  • Chase Offers (for those with Chase credit cards) is offering $10 for a Walmart+ subscription

Steps To Combine Walmart+ Deals

Here are step-by-step directions to take advantage of all the offers:

  1. Download Google Pay [$21 Sign Up Link]
  2. Create a Dosh account [$1 Download Link] OR copy and paste this link if the download link doesn’t work:
  3. Sign up for Swagbucks [$13 Referral Link]
  4. Start a 15-day free trial for Walmart+
  5. Cancel the Walmart+ free trial immediately afterwards
  6. Open Google Pay, activate the Walmart+ offer (do nothing further on Google Pay)
  7. Activate the Chase offer for Walmart+ (if you have it showing in your Chase account)
  8. Open Dosh, search for the Walmart+ offer, and click-through the offer with the same linked credit card on file with Google Pay (do nothing further on Dosh)
  9. Go to Swagbucks, search for Walmart+ offer on the web bar, and sign up for the Walmart+ annual plan with the same credit card on file with Google Pay and Dosh

Results: $124.80 in cash back ($30 from Google Pay, $75 from Swagbucks, $9.80 from Dosh, and $10 from Chase)

The Bottom Line

If you’re able to stack all the deals, you should be able to squeak by with a small profit while getting 12 months of Walmart+ for free!

6 thoughts on “Google Pay: Earn $30 For Walmart+ Subscription (Profit Opportunity)”

  1. Oh I was thinking the 15 day free trial was a work around to get the $30 from Google Pay. Like the Spotify free trial for a free Google mini deal a while back. So why am I getting & cancelling the 15 day trial if I still gotta pay $98 for the annual to get the Gpay $30?

    Also the Dosh link doesn’t open anything and is there supposed to be something about about $75 on the swagbucks page cuz I don’t see anything. Just “join free $10 bonus”

    • You’re paying $98, but getting $115 back = so you’re earning $17 on this deal:

      1. Google Pay is giving you $30
      2. Swagbucks is offering $75 for a Walmart+ annual subscription
      3. Dosh is offering 10% back, which is $9.80, for a Walmart+ annual subscription

      For Swagbucks, sign up with the link I provided. Once you have an account, search for “Walmart+” in the search bar. You’ll see the $75 offer come up.

      I tested the Dosh link. It looks like it works for desktop and Apple phones, but I do see the blank screen you mentioned. Try this link for Dosh:

  2. I’m confused, Gpay says to get $30 cash back, I gotta buy the “Walmart annual plan”. You’re saying go to walmart first & do a 15 day trial so Google play will give me $30? If I cancel Walmart right away, how am ending up with a year of walmart+ free?

    • When you first sign up for Walmart+, they give you a 15-day trial where Walmart doesn’t charge you the annual fee. So you need to sign up and then immediately cancel the free trial offer. Once you actually buy it again for the full annual plan, you’ll get Walmart+ free (or even make money) because you’re stacking the Gpay offer with Dosh and Swagbucks.

      Does that make sense?


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