How Spending More Money Saves You Money Long-Term

You’re probably wondering what world are we are in when spending more money saves you money. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. As I get older, I am spending a lot more money on things. Is it income creep? Is it trying to keep up with the Joneses?

And then it hit me. I still have the “best bang for the buck” mentality, it’s just the way how I achieve that has changed.

In college it was about clipping coupons and looking for the big sales (I still do that), but now that I’m in my 30’s, I’m trying to look at the big picture.

Just because it costs more money now, it still could save you money down the road.


Below are things that I have bought along with an explanation why spending more money now saves you money long-term.

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1. Breville Espresso Machines

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Breville Express Espresso Machine BES870XL
(Image from

I know we’re starting off with something really pricey, but hear me out. I’m an addicted Starbucks latte drinker. I love my grande matcha green tea latte with 2 scoops of the matcha powder and soy milk.

No matter which Starbucks I go to, the product is consistent and the quality is above average.

It’s also $5.30 and I have it twice a day… over a whole year, that comes out to a staggering $3,869!

But the point of The Money Ninja isn’t to tell you what not to do. People have their indulgences and coffee is definitely mine.

So why did I buy the Breville espresso machine? I figured if I can find a machine at home that makes good coffee (sorry Folgers and Maxwell House), I could skip my Starbucks in the morning and only order one in the afternoon.

The BES870XL model is expensive, but I’d still be saving money in the end by cutting almost $2,000 a year at Starbucks.

How does the coffee taste from the Breville Espresso machine? SO SO SO GOOD. There’s nothing like grinding fresh coffee beans and pulling your own espresso:

2. Bombas Socks

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Bombas calf dress socks in grey
(Image from Bombas)

I wear three types of socks and here’s what I hate about them:

  • Dress Socks (for work)
    • always fall down
    • stitching bites into my toes
    • one-size-fits-all is awful
  • No Show Socks (for white leather sneakers)
    • slips due to poor silicone grip quality
    • cotton is usually super thin
  • Ankle Socks (for running)
    • doesn’t protect from blisters
    • footbed support is too thin or too thick
    • low wicks moisture performance

Enter Bombas Socks. Say goodbye to everything you hate about socks. Bombas has improved socks in 7 major ways:

  1. Long Staple Peruvian Cotton
  2. Stay Up Technology
  3. Y-Stitched Heel
  4. Invisitoe
  5. Blister Tab
  6. Honeycomb Support System
  7. Performance Footbed
Bombas socks 7 improvements
(Image from Bombas)

This start-up company first appeared on Shark Tank several years ago and blew up big. Shark Tank’s Daymond John made a deal with them and to date, it’s the biggest success story for him.

Ok, we’re talking about socks here. Are you really that excited?


I was also a skeptic since we’re talking about a basic clothing staple here, but once you try a pair on, I’m positive you’ll be a convert too.

Yeah, they’re pretty pricey for socks, but they come with the best guarantee. You can try them risk-free and even exchange them for a new pair if you ever have a problem with them. Best of all, for every pair of socks you buy, Bombas will donate a pair to the homeless.

As a new customer, you can use this referral link to get 25% off your first order – exclusive to The Money Ninja readers. You won’t find a higher discount anywhere else.

3. Allen Edmond Dress Shoes

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Allen Edmonds Strand cap-toe dress shoes in burnished copper color
(Image from Allen Edmonds)

Sticking to things that belong on your feet, let’s talk about dress shoes.

Up until my 30’s, I wore entry-level dress shoes you can find at any mall; brands like Aldo, Kenneth Cole, and Florsheim.

For $75-$100, you’d get a pair of cemented shoes that will lasts you a year or so at best. During that year, your feet will ache after a long day of wearing them.

A friend of mine introduced me to proper dress shoes like Allen Edmonds – handcrafted shoes made with full grain leather, leather insoles and outsoles, and a cork bed that molds to your feet over time.

Retail prices start around $400, but Allen Edmonds has 3-4 sales a year that will bring the costs under $300 (and you can use a cash back shopping portal to save even more).

At 3x-4x the price of entry-level shoes, you may be asking if the comfort and quality worth it? I think that’s the wrong question.


Because these shoes will lasts you for years and years. The majority of Allen Edmond dress shoes are welted (ex. Goodyear welted), which means once the bottom of your shoes are worn out, you can recraft them over and over again and they’ll look brand new:

Allen Edmonds - Before and After Recrafting
(Image from Allen Edmonds)

I’d rather pay $300-$400 for a pair of really nice dress shoes I can wear for 10 years than $100 for an uncomfortable pair that will be thrown away in 1 year.

Hey, if it’s good enough for the President of the United States, it’s good enough for me. And again, long-term, it saves money.

The Bottom Line

The examples I wrote about are ones I personally use. I’m always on the lookout for buying something that may be a little more expensive in the beginning, but the value plays out long-term.

What other things do you get that offers great long-term value? Since I’m a guy, I’m especially curious what the women readers think. Let me know so I can add to this list!

Hope you enjoyed learning how spending more money saves you money.

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  1. I used to balk at buying expensive espresso makers, but they really do make a big difference. Night and day difference between the cheap Mr. Coffee machines to like what TMN mentioned in the Breville line or other Italian models.

  2. I feel weird saying I like knee high socks, but those dress socks from Bombas is the bomb. It’s so comfortable and they never fall down.

  3. I love the Breville espresso maker. I have a slightly different model. Agree with you, this is a long-term investment that pays back in short order.

  4. Nice premise. What about really expensive coffee makers? How can I have my wife agree to buy an $5,000 Italian espresso machine I’ve got my eye on? 🙂

  5. I love Bombas! It’s the only pair of socks that hasn’t completely disintegrated in the washer after a few months of wearing.

  6. Love articles like this. Can you give more examples? I’m sure you have a lot of female followers who would love some other tips specifically for them.


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