Receipt Hog Referral Code MONEYNINJA Gives 15 Free Spins

Use Receipt Hog referral code MONEYNINJA to get 15 free spins where you can earn thousands of coins that you can then redeem for Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, or cash deposited straight into your PayPal account.

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Receipt Hog Referral Code

New users that join Receipt Hog with referral code MONEYNINJA will get 15 free spins at Hog Slots.

Hog Receipt Referral CodeBonus
This is an exclusive offer just for my readers. It’s 3x more than the standard referral bonus of 5 spins you’d get from other codes.

How to Enter Referral Code in Hog Receipts

Step-By-Step Directions:

  1. Download the Hog Receipts App
    Download the Hog Receipts app on Google Play or App Store.
  2. Open the Account Menu
    Tap on the icon located at the top left-hand corner of the app.
  3. Select “Enter a referral code”
    Select “Enter a referral code” from the menu.
  4. Enter Referral Code Within 14 days
    Enter the Receipt Hog referral code “MONEYNINJA” and tap submit.
  5. Earn 15 Free Spins at Hog Slots
    Get 15 free spins after you submit your first receipt!

This is where the account menu icon is located (red box):

Receipt Hog account icon
(Screenshot from Receipt Hog)

You have 14 days from account opening to enter a referral code:

Enter a referral code on Receipt Hog
(Screenshot from Receipt Hog)

If the 15 free spins don’t show up immediately after submitting your first receipt, restart the Receipt Hog app by closing and reopening the app.

What is Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog is a fun and rewarding way to turn receipts from any store into cash — no matter where you shop or what you buy. Simply snap pictures of your receipts to earn coins and then redeem those coins for rewards.

Coins earned per receipt depends on the receipt total:

  • Under $10 = 5 Coins
  • $10 – $50 = 10 Coins
  • $50 – $100 = 15 Coins
  • Over $100 = 20 Coins

You’ll also earn 1 Spin at the Hog Slots for each receipt. At the Hog Slots slot machine, you can win bonus Coins and other prizes, like having your last shopping trip paid for! Plus, download Receipt Hog and enter promo code MONEYNINJA to receive 15 bonus spins.

Receipt Hog: Hog Slots
(Screenshot from Receipt Hog)

Receipt Hog Referral Program

Share your personal Receipt Hog referral code with friends and get 250 coins once they join with your code and snaps a receipt. Your friend will also receive 5 spins.

You can either share your unique referral link which will automatically credit you when your friend clicks the link or they can download the Receipt Hog app directly and manually enter your referral code afterwards.

Receipt Hog referral code MONEYNINJA
(Screenshot from Receipt Hog)


What’s the best referral code for Hog Receipts?

The best referral code or promo code is MONEYNINJA which currently gives new users 15 free spins at the Hog Slots.

How many receipts can I snap with Hog Receipts?

You can snap up to 20 qualifying receipts per week. Additional receipts over 20 won’t earn Coins.

What types of stores can I snap receipts from?

You can snap receipts from any store, including ones from supermarkets, convenience stores, supercenters, club stores, liquor stores, dollar stores, pet supply stores, toy stores, drug stores, beauty stores, health stores, and mom-and-pop stores.

How much are Coins worth?

Coins are worth between 0.5¢ to 0.6¢ each.

What’s the minimum reward redemption level?

Minimum reward redemption is 1,000 Coins for a $5 Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, or cash via PayPal.

What’s the maximum reward redemption level?

Maximum reward redemption is 6,500 coins for a $40 Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, or cash via PayPal.

The Bottom Line

Snapping receipts with Receipt Hog is a gradual way to buildup free rewards. While you won’t earn a ton using this app, you can snap a single receipt with multiple apps to get more cashback and rewards.

I like to use Receipt Hog in conjunction with Fetch Rewards (3,000 points sign-up bonus), Ibotta ($10 sign-up bonus), Shopkick ($5 bonus), and Google Rewards when I shop for groceries.

Going out to eat? You can earn up to 40% of what you spend back using Seated (read my Seated review). Then scan the same restaurant bill with Receipt Hog and Fetch Rewards to earn a little bit extra.

Thanks in advance for anyone who chooses to use my Receipt Hog referral code. While it’s not much, it puts a smile on my face when I get notified of a few more free spins at the Hog Slots. It’s like free gambling 🙂

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