Shopkick Promo Codes: MONEYNINJA + NINJA5 ($10 in Bonuses)

Earn a 1,250 point sign-up bonus when you add Shopkick promo code “MONEYNINJA” to your account. This will give you an extra $5 in gift cards for new users. You can also add the code to an existing account if you didn’t use one previously.

Plus, thanks to our exclusive partnership with Shopkick, all new and existing users can also add “NINJA5” for an additional $5 reward once you scan 5 receipts within 30 days!

Full details of both promotions below.

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Shopkick Sign-up Offer: Up to $10 in Bonuses

New users who open a Shopkick account using the sign-up code MONEYNINJA will receive a $5 bonus when they earn 10 kicks within the first 14 days of opening your account. This is also valid for existing users that haven’t added a code previously.

And for a limited time, both new and existing users can also add NINJA5 for an additional $5 reward after they complete 5 barcode scans within 30 days.

Editor’s Note: For the bonuses, kicks must be earned from actions done in-store (walk-in kicks, scanning barcodes, or submitted receipts). Kicks earned from watching videos won’t count.

Adding codes on Shopkick [Step-by-Step Directions]:

  1. Launch the Shopkick app and tap on the “Profile” icon located in the top left-hand corner on the screen.
  2. Click on the box with the phrase, “Have a code? Enter an invite or promo code to claim your bonus“.
  3. Enter an invite code and press submit.
"Have a code?" menu location in the Shopkick app
(Image from Shopkick)

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is an app that rewards you for the shopping you already do, no matter how you do it. The app pays you reward points, which they call “kicks”, that you can redeem for gift cards at popular stores. Earn kicks by:

  • walking into a partner store
  • scanning barcodes of select products
  • scanning receipts from a partner store
  • making a purchase with a linked card

You can even earn kicks at home by watching videos and browsing content in the Shopkick app. Once you collect enough kicks, redeem them for gift cards for places like Amazon, Best Buy, and Starbucks.

I’ve been using Shopkick for over two years and based on my experience, it’s as easy-to-use and as rewarding as their two main competitors, Fetch and Ibotta. Read my review for a complete in-depth analysis on this rewards app and find out if it’s the right one for your shopping behavior.

Shopkick Referral Code: $5 gift card bonus options
(Image from Shopkick)

How much are kicks worth?

Every 250 kicks equals $1 in gift cards. Gift card redemptions start at 500 kicks with the following redemption options:

  • $2 = 500 kicks
  • $5 = 1,250 kicks
  • $10 = 2,500 kicks
  • $15 = 3,750 kicks
  • $25 = 6,250 kicks

That means that if you sign up with my invite code, you’ll have the equivalent of 1,250 kicks, which is worth $5 worth of gift cards to your favorite store.

There are 40+ gift card options to choose from, including from popular brands like Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, PayPal, Starbucks, Target, and Walmart.

Shopkick Referral Program

Shopkick has a good referral program that rewards users for spreading the word. Every Shopkicker has a unique referral code and referral link located inside the app. Share either one with your friends and both of you can get bonus kicks.

If you refer a friend who earns 10 kicks (excluding video kicks) within 14 days of downloading the app, you both will receive 500 kicks. That’s worth $2 in gift cards.

I’ve noticed that from time to time, Shopkick offers 1,000 bonus kicks when a friend signs up with your code. The last time they had this offer was over Christmas with their “Get 1000 kicks, Give 1000 kicks” promotion.

Promotion that offers 1,000 bonus kicks for referring friends to Shopkick
(Image from Shopkick)

The Bottom Line

Shopkick is considered one of the original rewards app. It was founded back in 2009 and now has over 7.5 million users with an almost-perfect 4.6 out of 5 star rating on the App Store.

I’m a huge fan of shopping rewards apps and love earning free rewards for doing something I’m going to do anyway. Other apps like Shopkick that you can also use to earn cash and/or gift cards are Upside, Fetch, Ibotta, and Receipt Hog. Check out all my recommended shopping apps along with their respective bonuses.

There are quite a lot of bloggers out there that write about apps they don’t know too well or never even use, but I’m that guy who tries to maximize every opportunity possible. Ask my wife – she supports most of the things I do, but sometimes it drives her crazy 🙂

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