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Staples: Fee-Free $200 Mastercard Gift Cards

One of my favorite deals is back! Staples is selling $200 Mastercard gift cards without any purchase fees. These gift cards act like debit and credit cards, and you can use them anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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Staples Fee-Free Mastercard Gift Cards Offer

It seems like Staples is promoting Visa and Mastercard gift cards every other week. I’m not complaining, I consider this a BIG positive which I’ll explain in detail below.

For the week of September 10 to September 16, Staples is offering the $200 Mastercard gift cards with no purchase fees. Typically, these $200 gift cards come with $6.95 activation fee. This is an in-store offer only and there’s a limit of eight cards per customer.

Staples $200 Mastercard gift cards with no purchase fee
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Hot Deal Angle

You might be thinking, “Kinda cool I guess, but why are you capitalizing, bolding, and italicizing BIG for?

Well, this is one of the ways how I earn millions of points every year for FREE. By using a category bonus credit card (I use the Chase Ink Plus for 5X points at office supply stores like Staples), you can earn a ton of points for really no cost.

Ninja Note: The Chase Ink Plus is no longer available, but there are other similar Chase Ink cards. You can also check out my Top 10 Credit Cards list.

For example, if I buy 1 of these Mastercard gift cards, I’ll earn 1,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points ($200 x 5 points per dollar spent) by spending it on my Chase Ink Plus card.

If I buy 100 of these cards, I would get 100,000 Chase points ($20,000 x 5 points per dollar spent).

100,000 Chase points is enough to redeem for $1,500 worth of travel or even get $1,000 cash straight up.

You can treat the Mastercard gift card like cash and use it anywhere. Yes, the more gift cards you buy, the longer it will take to use them all.

Be creative, you can really liquidate your gift cards quickly. For example, most people can pay their mortgage or utility bill with a debit or credit cards. Another angle is pre-paying your taxes – you can pre-pay twice a quarter for a total of 8x a year.

Stack With AMEX Offers or Chase Offers

As you know it, the stars are aligned. Currently, both American Express and Chase have promotions at Staples through their “AMEX Offers” and “Chase Offers” program.

If you don’t know what these are, it’s basically additional savings that American Express and Chase provides to their card holders. You just have to activate (add) the offers to your account.

You can find all of the current offers by logging into your account on your desktop or mobile device – on the main page, there’s a section that dedicated to these deals.

AMEX Offers

On some AMEX cards, customers are getting offered a 10% statement credit back at Staples, up to a maximum of $50:

AMEX Offers - 10% back at Staples
(Image from American Express)

With the current Staples deal, you can buy 3 $200 gift cards for a total of $600. By doing so, you’ll be saving $50 by using this AMEX offer.

That’s a $50 profit (spending $550 to get $600 worth of gift cards) right off the bat. Plus, you’ll get all the points on top of that!

Chase Offers

Similar to AMEX, Chase is offering card holders a 20% statement credit back at Staples, up to a maximum statement credit of $34.

Chase Offers - 20% back at Staples
(Image from Chase)

Because it’s 20% off, you’d max this offer out by buying just 1 $200 Mastercard gift card.

That’s a $34 profit (spending $167 to get a $200 gift card). And if it’s on a Chase card that gives you 5X points at office supply stores, you’d also earn 1,000 points.

The Bottom Line

Even without the AMEX Offers or Chase Offers, this is a hot deal. I buy these at every chance I get and use them for everyday purchases. It’s like spending cash, but with all those free credit card points you’re going to generate by doing this deal!

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        • Do you use Apple Cash? Many prepaid cards can be added to your wallet balance and then withdrawn to your bank account. The other way is to pay yourself via friends and family on PayPal using a second email address, then withdraw to your bank. Of course, bear in mind that using a debit card even with friends & family on PayPal will charge approx. 3% of the total sent.


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