T-Mobile Tuesday: Free Things For Customers This Week

T-Mobile Tuesday free stuff this week

T-Mobile has been running a customer appreciation day every Tuesday where they give you free things and heavily discounted offers. Find what’s available this week!

Who is eligible for this?

As long as you are a T-Mobile mobile customer, you will have access to this. You can either download the T-Mobile Tuesday app on your Android or Apple phone, or access their T-Mobile Tuesday site online.

Be sure to use your offer within 7 days, because they expire once next Tuesday rolls around with new things for free.

What’s free for this week?

Ninja Note: We have moved all T-Mobile Tuesday to this post that will update every week.

  • Taco Bell: free taco, freeze drink, or grilled breakfast burrito
  • Shell: 10 cent discount per gallon of gas
  • Hearst: free 1 year subscription to one of 18 magazines including Car and Driver, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Esquire, O The Oprah Magazine
  • Dining Advantage: $20 dining credit to try any restaurant in the Dining Advantage program
  • Live Nation: $25 all-in tickets and access to reserved tickets
  • MLB: $10 off baseball tickets
TMobile Tuesday mobile app

The Bottom Line

Some useful offers every week. They had free weekly Dunkin coffee/lattes all summer before ending it a couple of weeks ago.

Feel free to post any codes you are not using or want to trade away in the comments section below.


  1. Tmobile Tuesday has been trash lately. I don’t care about concert ticket discounts or MLB passes. Give me Starbucks gift cards and Panera Bread credits again!


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