Uber Eats: Free $10 Starbucks Order With Promo Code MERRY10

Woman with a red holiday sweater holding a holiday Starbucks cup with both hands

Uber Eats is offering users a free order at Starbucks up to $10 with the promo code MERRY10!

Uber Eats Overview

Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivery service app own by Uber. It partners with many restaurants to allow people to order food and get it delivered, all through its easy-to-use app.

If you’ve never used Uber Eats before, you can download the app and enter the new user referral code EATS-UBERAZURIK to get $7 off your first order!

Uber Eats $10 Starbucks Offer

Uber Eats is offering users $10 free to use at Starbucks when they use the promo code MERRY10 at checkout. You can also try the other new promo codes LUCYHALE and SABRINA10 as well.

If all those work, you could potentially get $30 of free coffee, food, and other drinks at Starbucks:

  • MERRY10 – free $10 at Starbucks
  • LUCYHALE – free $10 at Starbucks
  • SABRINA10 – free $10 at Starbucks

Simply add any amount of Starbucks items to your Uber Eats cart and you’ll see $10 being taken off during checkout.

Steps To Get Offer

  1. Add Starbucks items to your delivery order
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Add the promo code MERRY10 in the promo code field

Ninja Note: Want to see other free Uber Eats promo codes? Check out all other Uber Eats promotions here.

The Bottom Line

You’ll still need to pay for the service fee and tip, but this is a great deal for Starbucks lovers.

Personally, this is awesome! I usually order 2 lattes (one for me and one of the wifey) and that gets close to $10.

I’d use it as soon as you can because the promo code isn’t suppose to work this way. If you look at the promo code details in the Uber Eats app, the codes are meant to be forwarded to friends to use, but it’s working for your own account.


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