Dell: 10% Off Microsoft Xbox Digital Gift Cards With Promo Code GAME10

Dell is offering 10% off on Microsoft Xbox digital gift cards with promo code GAME10! I’ll also show how you can stack other offers with this deal to make it even hotter!

Ninja Update 6/23/22: Deal is back using new promo code GAME10 instead of XBOX10.

Dell 10% Off Xbox Digital Gift Card Offer

Direct Link is offering 10% off Microsoft Xbox digital gift cards, specifically, the $50 and $100 gift card denominations when you apply the promo code XBOX10 during checkout:

  • Buy $50 Xbox digital gift card for $45
  • Buy $100 Xbox digital gift card for $90 Microsoft Xbox digital gift cards in denominations of $100 and $50

Good timing on this deal because the new Xbox Series X just came out and you can actually use these gift cards at the Microsoft Store.

How To Redeem Xbox Gift Cards At Microsoft Store

Obviously you can use these gift cards for Xbox purchases, but a little known fact is you can also redeem them on hardware, software, and other electronics at the Microsoft Store too.

Xbox gift cards are essentially Microsoft gift cards.

To redeem the cards to your Microsoft account, go to and enter in the Xbox gift card number. The gift card amount will be added to your Microsoft Store account for any purchase on the site.

Stacking Opportunities

There are two other concurrent deals that you can stack with the Dell offer: Rakuten and American Express.

Stacking Opportunity With Rakuten

Rakuten is a cash back shopping portal that’s currently giving users 10% back at a number of retailers, including Dell. Search for “Dell Consumer” and it should show up on the drop-down menu.

If you’re not a Rakuten member yet, you can earn a $30 new user bonus with my referral link.

Stacking Opportunities With American Express

There are several ways to make this deal even better if you have an American Express card. One requires you to have an Amex Business Platinum card while the others is available across all Amex card products.

American Express Business Platinum $200 Dell Benefit

American Express Business Platinum cardholders receive free statement credits for purchases at annually up to $400.

The benefit was supposed to be only $200 in Dell credits a year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Amex gave an additional $200 on top of the normal benefit for a total of $400. Fortunately, they have decided to make this change permanent in mid-2021.

You’d get $200 in credits to use between January and June and another $200 in credits between July and December.

Some people like to use their Dell credits on Xbox gift cards, essentially buying $400 worth this year for no out-of-pocket cost.

$200 Dell statement credit benefit for American Express Business Platinum cardholders

Amex Offers

American Express also has a free program called Amex Offers that gives you extra rewards at places you like to shop, dine, travel, and more.

All you have to do is log in with your American Express account and add the various offers to your card. Shop as you’d normally would and Amex will credit you the extra rewards automatically.

Under my American Express Business Platinum account, I have 3 different Dell offers I can use at the same time!

Amex Offers for

Let’s run through what I would get for buying $400 worth of stuff at Dell, specifically, we’ll buy the Xbox digital gift cards in this example:

  • Receive $400 in Microsoft Xbox gift cards at no cost
  • Earn the normal 400 Membership Rewards points for spending $400
  • Earn an extra 1,600 Membership Rewards points for the 1st Amex Offer shown above
  • Receive $40 cash back as a statement credit for the 2nd Amex Offer shown above
  • Earn an extra 400 Membership Rewards points for the 3rd Amex Offer shown above

So basically I purchased $400 of Xbox gift cards for FREE, earned a total of 2,400 Amex points for my Dell order (worth ~$36 in value), and received $40 cash back!


The Bottom Line

Great deal that becomes an unbelievable deal if you can take advantage of some Amex stacking opportunities.

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