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Freebird App Promotion Codes

With many of our readers using the Freebird app since my review, I’m going update this page with the latest Freebird promotion codes that’s available. These promo codes are on top of what you’d earn normally with Freebird!

Here is the updated list of promo codes through February 2022!

Sign up with promo code D7A12 and get an additional $10 off your next 2 rides ($5 each ride)!

What is Freebird?

Freebird is a ridesharing app that pays you for taking Uber and Lyft rides. Freebird also gives cash bonuses for using Uber and Lyft to go to restaurants and bars. If you’re not familiar with it, I’d recommend you to read the review I wrote and visit their web site for more information.

If you’ve never used Freebird before, download the app (it’s on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store) and add the sign-up bonus and other Freebird promo codes below to make even more money!

Freebird earns cash back and points every time you use Uber and Lyft

List of Freebird Promo Codes:

D7A12 – $10 sign-up bonus (use this code FIRST as you can stack everything else below afterwards, but not the other way around)

D7A12$10 off ($5 off 2 rides)12/31/2020
5FOR5$5 off your next 5 rides06/01/2019
500KRIDES500 points per rideexpired
WAM20BAM $20 off ($10 off 2 rides) expired
GO2TEN$20 off ($10 off 2 rides)expired

Ninja Note: Some of these codes were sent to my account and the rest were given to me by readers like you so please send me an email or write a comment below if you come across other Freebird promo codes!

How to add a promotion code:

Freebird recently updated its app so it’s a little easier to add a promo code now. When you launch the Freebird app and get to the main screen, click on the menu icon (the three black lines) on the top-left corner of the app. A menu window will slide in and right in the middle of the list is “Promo Codes”. Here you can enter any codes you come across. The bottom part of this window will also show you all the promo codes you’ve added and its current status – whether it’s valid, redeemed, or expired.

The Bottom Line

It seems like everyone is using Uber and Lyft these days, so it’s a no-brainer to use Freebird to get rewarded for using these ridesharing apps.

Sometimes I forget to use Freebird because I’m so used to opening up Uber or Lyft first (force of habit), so I place the Freebird app right next to Uber and Lyft as a reminder.

8 thoughts on “Freebird App Promotion Codes”

  1. Promo Code MIDWEEK… anyone know what happens if you spend less than $20? The code is for a $10 reward if you spend $20, but it doesn’t say this once you added it to your account.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this. I signed up yesterday and have already used it 4x (live in TX). I like that it pays for each ride and gives bonus money for bars. Thirsty Thursday!


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