Get 20% Cash Back On Lyft Rides With SoFi Money ($1,000 Maximum)

A car passenger with the Lyft logo on his phone screen

SoFi Money has partnered with Lyft to give you 20% cash back on ALL the Lyft rides you take!

A lot of The Money Ninja readers signed up for SoFi Money based on my review and the $50 bonus offer (it’s still available if you’re interested). Well, not only is it a great account, but SoFi is offering members an incredible deal with its Lyft partnership!

SoFi Money and Lyft partnership promotion

What is the offer SoFi Money is providing with Lyft?

SoFi Money is offering members 20% cash back on every single Lyft ride they take until February 18th, 2020. The maximum amount you can earn from this promotion is $1,000!

You must use your SoFi Money debit card as the default payment option on your Lyft app to get the 20% back. Other than that, there’s really no fine print or terms or conditions you have to watch out for.


The Bottom Line

This is a GREAT opportunity for readers as I know many ninjas got in on the SoFi Money deal I wrote about. This is especially true if you use Lyft frequently to get around since the maximum cap is so high.

If you’re only Uber rider, I would recommend having Lyft as an option too. I find that depending on where I go, Lyft is cheaper than Uber in many instances.


  1. SWEETNESS! I sold off my car when I moved to the city and pretty much rely on public transport and Uber/Lyft. This will save a bunch. Ty!


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