Get 50% Off Your T-Mobile Plan “COVID-19 Plan”

There’s a secret deal where you can get 50% off your T-Mobile plan due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This is an unpublished deal that it’s not advertised (and I don’t think T-Mobile plans to). Here’s what it is and how to get it.

50% Off Your T-Mobile Plan

T-Mobile is offering a deal where you can get 50% discount off of your existing plan. Like other companies, cell phone carriers are worried that customers may end up switching to another service in order to save money.

Historically, T-Mobile has always been ahead of the curve in responding to trends and this is no different. They’re calling this their “COVID-19” discount.

Here’s how it works:

If you can commit to a monthly 3 GB data cap, T-Mobile will reduce your monthly bill by 50% for the next 3 months. After the 3 months are over, you’ll be automatically switched back to your original plan and data limit.

This Reddit post from a T-Mobile employee states that the discount is actually a 50% coupon code that gets applied to your account. In other words, they’re not changing your plan. If you’re on an awesome old plan, you get to keep it.


How To Get The “COVID-19” Discount

The only known way to get the 50% discount is to proactively reach out to T-Mobile’s Twitter team by sending them a direct message.

The Bottom Line

Many people are working from home now and with no where to go, most are connecting their phone to WiFi.

If you’re able to leave your phone connected to your WiFi, then this is a no-brainer deal.

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