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App Review: GetUpside Pays You Cash For Buying Gas

GetUpside is a legit app that offers real cash back on your gas purchases. What’s the catch? There’s none! I’m here to tell you that the GetUpside gas app is completely free and is something you should start taking advantage of.

Read my full GetUpside review below and if you’d like to try the app, be sure to use my promo code to save extra money as a new user!

Download the app with this link and enter promo code NINJA25 during sign-up and get up to 50¢ back per gallon!

What is the GetUpside app?

GetUpside is a gas app lets you earn up to 25¢ cash back per gallon at over 12,107 gas stations across 49 different states (and parts of Canada). All you have to do is select the gas station you’re about to use in the app and then take a picture of your gas receipt afterwards.

Plus, when you sign up via this download link and enter invite code NINJA25, you’ll get up to 45¢ cash back per gallon the first time you use the app to get gas!

The referral code will give you a 25¢ bonus on top of the 25¢ new users receive. That means you could get up to 50¢ per gallon cash back on your first fill-up with the GetUpside gas app.

You’ll get gasoline savings at many big gas station brands when you use GetUpside, including Exxon, Mobile, Shell, Sunoco, BP, Valero, Citgo, Marathon, E-Z Mart, 7-Eleven, Circle K, and many more.

How To Use GetUpside

Ok, so here’s how it works. GetUpside allows gas stations to compete for your business. By offering cash back on your purchase, they’re hoping you’ll chose them next time you need to refill your gas.

After you download the app, you can start earning cash back in 3 easy steps:

(Screenshot from GetUpside)

Step 1: Claim An Offer At A Gas Station Near You

The main screen of the app will show you a map of your surrounding area (make sure GPS location is turned on) with all the nearby participating gas stations listed. Pick the one you want to visit and claim the offer by pressing the orange button.

Claim an offer at a local gas station
(Screenshot from GetUpside)

You have 4 hours to get gas once you tap the claim button. If you clicked it by mistake, don’t worry, you can claim a new offer by unclaiming the one you pressed by accident.

Use a claimed offer within 4 hours
(Screenshot from GetUpside)

Step 2: Fill Your Tank & Pay With Any Credit Card Or Debit Card

Fill your gas tank up at the gas station you claimed and pay with any credit card or debit card. Remember to get a receipt at the end. If a receipt is not available at the gas pump, you can ask for a copy inside the gas station.

Ninja Update: As of February 2020, GetUpside has introduced a new “check-in” feature that lets you skip taking a receipt at over 4,000+ gas stations! When you see a blue “check-in” badge at a gas station, it means you’ll save a step from not having to do Step 3 below!

Use a credit or debit card at a participating gas station location
(Screenshot from GetUpside)

Step 3: Snap A Picture Of Your Gas Receipt

Take a picture of your gas receipt and go back into the GetUpside app to upload it. A green box confirming receipts submitted will be shown.

GetUpside receipt confirmation
(Screenshot from GetUpside app)

The receipt confirmation also states you’ll get your cash back within 2 to 4 days, but from my experience it’s been much faster than that.

GetUpside Cash Back Withdrawal Options

You can cash out of your GetUpside cash back earnings whenever you want via PayPal or check.

You can also redeem them for digital gift cards to stores like Amazon, Starbucks, and Uber.

GetUpside Promo Code

If you’re new to this app, enter in promo code NINJA25 to get up to 50 cents a gallon cash back on your first fill-up when you enter this code.

How To Enter Promo Codes In GetUpside

  1. Open the app to get to the main menu and click the “Profile” option
  2. Select “Edit” next to the “Promo Code” section
  3. Enter NINJA25 and press “Submit”
Enter promo code in GetUpside app
(Screenshot from GetUpside app)

Once you do that, you’ll automatically get up to $0.50 cash back a gallon on your gas purchase.

GetUpside Referral Program

The GetUpside app has a pretty cool referral program.

First, new users can download the app through this referral link or enter invite code NINJA25 to get an additional 20 cents off each gallon of gas on your first fill-up. This additional 25 cents off per gallon in on top of the offers the gas stations offer you.

Plus, by using the app, you’ll have access to your own referral code that you can share with friends and family.

For every person you refer, they’ll get an extra 15 cents per gallon cash back on their first use. You’ll also get an extra 15 cents per gallon cash back for each referral.

Again, this extra bonus is on top of what you’ll normally earn AND it’s stackable. Let’s say you refer 10 friends – those 10 referrals at 15 cents each is $1.50 per gallon cash back.

For a car with a 15-gallon capacity, that’s a savings of more than $22!

To find your personal referral code and start sharing it with friends and family, tap the “Invite Friends” section under the main menu of the GetUpside app.

Ongoing Lifetime Referral Bonuses

Unlike most referral programs where they give you a one-time referral reward, GetUpside will give you lifetime bonuses for every gallon of gas your referrals (and their referrals) buy in the future.

  • 1¢ A Gallon: Every time one of your direct referrals buys gas in the future, you’ll earn a 2¢ per gallon bonus deposited into your Upside account.
  • 0.5¢ A Gallon: Every time one of your indirect referrals (your referral’s referrals), you’ll earn a 1¢ per gallon bonus deposited into your Upside account.

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer or how much you can earn!

Best of all, these ongoing bonuses doesn’t require you to buy gas to get the cash back. It gets deposited directly to your cash balance in GetUpside, so you can withdraw them for cold hard cash!


The Bottom Line

GetUpside is a fantastic app because almost everyone needs gas for their car. It’s absolutely free and rewards you for something you already have to buy!

There are so many mobile apps now that it’s hard to decide if a particular one is worth installing. This one definitely is.

I have a special “cash back” folder on my phone where I put apps like GetUpside, Seated, and Freebird into it. I consider these my day-to-day apps that I use all the time and having them all in one folder helps to remind me to use it.

Don’t forget your GetUpside sign-up bonus. Just download the app and when it asks you for the referral code, enter in NINJA25.

You’re more than welcome to add your referral code below in the comments below!

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