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Google Pay: Earn $30 With Spring Challenge

Google Pay has launched a Spring Challenge promotional event where you can earn $30! Simply complete various challenges to collect all 5 stamps and you’ll get $30! See how to complete these easy and fun challenges below!

Ninja Update 4/23: Spring Challenge has been extended until May 3 – more time for us to get that pesky fox stamp!

Google Pay Overview

Google has relaunched Google Pay (GPay) after announcing major new features.

The biggest update is a Venmo-like ability to pay people, groups, and businesses. You can also split payment for things like dinner or rent – and even use Google Pay to order food or buy gas, all from within the app.

Google Pay - pay people, groups, and businesses

Google Pay $30 Spring Challenge Event

In order you participate in this event, you need to have a Google Pay account. If you don’t have one and would like to support the site, you can use my sign-up link.

Once you’re a Google Pay user, you’ll be able join the Spring Challenge event and earn $30 when you collect all 5 animal stamps. Each challenge you complete will give you one random stamp:

  1. Robin (95% drop rate)
  2. Bear (95% drop rate)
  3. Fox (5% drop rate)
  4. Elk (5% drop rate)
  5. Alligator (95% drop rate)
Google Pay Spring Challenge main screen

There isn’t a direct link to the Spring Challenge event itself. You can find it in two different areas in the Google Pay app:

  1. Pay tab > “Get $30, Complete the Spring Challenge” > Learn more
  2. Explore tab > “Earn with Google Pay” > Google Pay $30 cashback when you collect all 5 spring stamps

Ninja Note: Interested in more Google Pay deals? Search this site for other available Google Pay deals.

Spring Challenges

As for the challenges themselves, a lot of them are pretty easy to do. It resets daily so you can complete the same ones the next day. New challenges will also come and go so it’s not always the same activities:

Google Pay Spring Challenge activities

Think outside the box in completing these challenges! Here are some creative ideas to get stamps quickly:

  • Always check the daily challenges: The list of activities will update each day. Complete as many as you can each day, and take advantage of simple actions you can complete multiple times.
  • Pay a unique friend: Send $1 to a friend to earn a stamp and have them send $1 back so they will receive a stamp. Repeat with other friends.
  • Trade stamps with others: You can see which stamps your friends have in their collection from the Spring Challenge tab in GPay, and can gift duplicate stamps in your collection. You can also send requests for stamps that you haven’t found yet.

With minimal effort, you can grab 11 stamps daily (1 stamp for opening up the app, 5 stamps for sending payment to five friends, 5 stamps for gifting stamps to five friends).

Ninja Note: There are also quizzes that will give you free stamps if you answer the questions correctly. One question asked is what two states don’t observe daylight savings time. The answer is Hawaii and Arizona. You’re welcome 🙂

Google Pay Spring Challenge Terms & Conditions

  • Promotion available from April 12 – April 22, 2021, or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Up to 200,000 rewards worth $30 are available during this promotion.
  • You can earn a maximum of one $30 reward for collecting spring stamps, but you can continue collecting, gifting, and requesting stamps after you complete your own set.
  • There will be guaranteed ways to collect each of the 5 stamps through different actions that vary daily. Check ‘How to collect today’ often for details and restrictions for each action.
  • Make sure you’re opted into Google Pay rewards to take part in this promotion.
  • Actions with daily collecting limits do not carry over to the next day. For example, if you’ve collected a stamp from paying 3 new friends or businesses today, your 4th payment will not count towards your next day’s limit.
  • All unique limits reset daily.

Stamp Earning Rules:

  • Tap to pay: Contactless payments must be made with an NFC-enabled Android device.
  • Gifting: Friends must claim stamps you gift them for you to collect a stamp yourself. you can recall unclaimed stamps at any time.
  • Referrals: You can only collect stamps for referrals where you’re also eligible for a referral reward. Referrals must be new to Google Pay and complete a qualifying transaction during this promotion. View full referral terms for details.
  • Redeem cashback offers: To redeem cashback offers at participating merchants, you must have at least one card enrolled in the program.
  • Activate spending insights on your bank account or card: Only one new bank account or credit card added via Plaid qualifies.

The Bottom Line

Google Pay is really serious about user engagement. There’s been so many Google Pay deals lately and this is another promotion that’s fun and rewarding. I’ve been doing this promo for only a day and have 4 of the 5 stamps already.

Feel free to leave extra stamps below in the comments section. Please state the animal stamp followed by the link. DO NOT use this post’s comments section to share referral links. That should be done over here.

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