Panera Bread: Free Unlimited Premium Coffee All Summer

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Panera Bread is offering free unlimited premium coffee all summer! This includes hot drip coffee, iced coffee, and hot tea when ordering at a Panera Bread cafe, online on their site, or in the app.

MyPanera+ Coffee Subscription

Panera Bread has a coffee subscription called MyPanera+ Coffee that normally cost $8.99 a month. The monthly subscription gives you:

  • Unlimited slow-roasted coffee made from premium 100% Arabica beans; any size, any flavor (every 2 hours)
    • Hot coffee
    • Iced coffee
    • Hot tea
  • Free refills while in a Panera Bread cafe

Free Coffee Offer

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Ninja Update 12/18/20: Panera is now offering the free trial for 3 months!
Ninja Update 7/26/20: You can now sign up for free coffee through September 7. Previously, it stated you had to sign up by July 13.

Apparently, Panera Bread asked its Twitter followers if they wanted “free unlimited premium coffee all summer” as part of the company’s #FREECOFFEE4SUMMER Twitter challenge. If 500,000 people votes yes, then Panera Bread would do so:

Panera Bread #FREECOFFEESUMMER Twitter challenge

Shockingly, the tweet received 500,000 “yes” within 3 days of it being posted with 87.4% of the Twitter universe voting for free coffee.

Panera Bread is keeping its promise. If you sign up for a MyPanera+ Coffee subscription now through July 13, 2020 – you’ll receive free coffee all the way until Labor Day (September 7, 2020).


Terms & Conditions

New Subscribers:

  • No purchase required.
  • For new subscribers who sign up for a MyPanera+ Coffee Subscription from 6/22 through 7/13/2020 (“Subscription Sign Up Period”), you will receive a free coffee subscription from the date you sign up during the Subscription Sign Up Period through 9/7/2020 (“New Free Subscription Period”).
  • Must be 18 years or older and be a MyPanera member to subscribe to the MyPanera Coffee+ coffee program (“Program”).
  • Visit http:/ during the Subscription Sign Up Period and complete all required information on the subscription page.
  • You must enter a valid major credit card and accept the Program Terms and Conditions.
  • If you do not cancel before your next renewal date after 9/7/2020, you will be charged $8.99 plus tax on your next renewal date (based on the date you signed up during the Subscription Sign Up Period).
  • If you cancel, your free subscription will end 30 days after your renewal date.

Current Subscribers:

  • Your coffee subscription will be free from 6/22 through 9/7/2020 or your current renewal date thereafter  (“Current Free Subscription Period”).
  • You will not be charged your regular monthly renewal fees during the Current Free Subscription Period.
  • If you do not cancel before your next renewal date after 9/7/2020, you will be charged $8.99 plus tax on your next renewal date (based on your current renewal date).

All Subscribers:

  • Registration available online only except for Kiosk.
  • You may cancel at any time. If you do not cancel, your credit card will automatically be charged $8.99 plus tax for the monthly subscription and will be charged on a recurring monthly basis every thirty (30) days thereafter until you cancel your subscription.
  • To cancel your subscription online, visit the Subscription section at http:/ or on the Panera Bread app. You can also call Panera Customer Service at 1-855-372-6372 to cancel your subscription.
  • Offer limited to hot coffee, hot tea and iced coffee plus unlimited refills.
  • Excludes cold brew iced coffee and espresso and cappuccino beverages. Subscription program registration and redemption available at participating U.S. bakery cafes only.
  • Excludes third party delivery and catering orders.
  • One subscription per person.

The Bottom Line

This would have been a screaming hot ninja deal in a “normal world”. Many people work near a Panera Bread and would’ve had multiple opportunities every day to enjoy coffee that is surprisingly good for a fast casual restaurant.

Still, it’s a great deal all things considered now with the world slowly opening back up. The fact that the unlimited free coffee is available until September 7 makes it more valuable.

Be sure to cancel the subscription after the free period is over or you’ll be charged the $8.99 monthly fee.

H/T to The Money Ninja reader Vir H. for letting me know of this deal!


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