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My review of the Seated app was so popular that I want to help users with an on-going list of Seated promotion codes that’s available. This will give you an extra bonus on top of the rewards you would normally earn!

Here is the updated list of Seated promo codes through March 2021!

List of Seated Promo Codes:

JOHN1445 – up to $25 sign up bonus (use this code FIRST as you can stack everything else below afterwards, but not the other way around)

JOHN1445$15 to $2512/31/2022

* requires a minimum of $20 in spending

Ninja Note: This is made possible by all of you! The Seated app sends out different promotion codes to different users, so the only way to make a comprehensive list is through the help of fellow Ninjas. Please send me any other Seated promo codes you have or comment below! Thank you!

Expired Codes:


* requires a minimum of $20 in spending

How To Add A Promotion Code:

Adding a promotion code to the Seated app can be a little confusing, so here’s step-by-step instructions on how to do it:

1. Launch the Seated App

On the home screen, at the bottom, click the ‘Account‘ icon. It will bring you to your account summary:

Account icon in Seated app

2. Go to ‘Promos’ Menu

The ‘Promos” menu is on the top-right side of the screen. Tap on that:

Promos menu in Seated app

3. Click on ‘Add Promo’ and Enter a Promo Code

This will bring up a field to enter your promo code. Here is where you can submit all of your promotion codes:

Add promo code on Seated

That’s it! You can see all the promo codes you’ve entered by going back to your “Promos” screen and scrolling through your history there.

The Bottom Line

Seated already pays you much more than other dining out apps. These codes are just cherry on top. If you have other codes, please let us know so we can add it to the list.

If you’ve never used Seated before, be sure to read our review on it and download the Seated app and give it a try.


  1. counting down the days until restaurants open back for business. i didn’t realize how much i missed socializing with friends and family over a sit down meal.

      • In a subway car. I think they just unleashed a new ad campaign as I’ve been seeing a lot more posters the past week or two.

        Thank you for putting up and maintaining this amazing list.

        • Appreciate the intel 👍

          Let’s hope Seated keeps on going because it’s an amazing app! It blows other restaurant apps out of the water. They just need to keep adding more restaurants and cities.

  2. Love this post!!! This has been so incredibly helpful. I book reservations for my group of friends and these promo codes just give me that extra incentive to. Made about $600 so far!

  3. I used snowstorm on a $19 check. I didn’t get the $10 promo. I messaged them and they told me as a one time courtesy they’d credit me the promo. They said going forward all promos will have a $20 minimum spend.

    • Thanks for this info. It seems like more codes require the minimum spending requirement of $20, but I’m still seeing others that work without hitting that threshold (e.g. WEBACK and EARN). The think the promo codes that will require it going forward are the spontaneous ones Seated promotes.

  4. Hey,
    Just a suggestion to the author, it would be great if they could mention whether a promo code had a $20 spend minimum.
    Also, – Promo code FORTUNE gives an extra $5, expires 1/20 and there’s no mention of a minimum spend.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I added an asterisk (*) to ones that require a $20 minimum spend. I’m still trying to find out if that’s REALLY the case though. Seated says you need to spend $20, but will they give you it if you spend less?

      Also added FORTUNE as a promo code!

      • My friend said that FORTUNE requires a $20 minimum spend.

        I do believe that it is enforced. a few weeks ago I used PromoCode “NEWYEAR” for the additional $12 reward. I spent around $15 on a reservation for 1, not realizing that it had a minimum spend requirement, and they did not give me the additional $12.

      • I also just got word from Seated that to be credited for any promo code, you would have to spend over $20 minimum going forward. Would be great to know if you find this to be the case.

  5. $15 CODE: JEN664 That’s my code if it helps, not sure if you can use it on top of the John code but it would be great if you could!

    • They dropped out of the city almost a year ago now and said it was “temporary”. Maybe they’ll relaunch once they on-board more restaurants like they did with Atlanta?

  6. Has anyone run into an issue where a restaurant told them because the reservation was made via Seated they couldn’t partake in Happy Hour? It’s the first for me and I’m not sure if that’s unusual but they essentially wouldn’t honor the 2 for 1 drinks and told us upfront when we asked about HH.

    • That’s very strange Irina. Seated is a dining reservation just like OpenTable and Resy – there shouldn’t be any discrimination because you booked on a certain platform. I never experienced that issue.

      Can you tell us what restaurant that was at? I would also send a chat support message to Seated and let them know.

    • When it popped up it said $20 minimum spend, but I’m not sure how strict it is. I used a code before that required $15, but I got it anyway with a $10 bill.

  7. @Irena, I don’t know I get the total with tax often. But YMMV with that suggestion I left.
    I’ll have to keep an eye on your note above on my next redemption. Also noted at a reservation this weekend, where I typically just tap “walk in” instead of having an OpenTable and Seated reservation, I lost out on 14% by not just doubling the reservation earlier in the day. I like to get the OT points too, they’re pretty valuable in NYC as well.

  8. @Irina, I’ve noticed this a bit too.
    Sometimes a few dollars like you mentioned, but I also add an extra line to my bills. Just a tidbit-I always ask the server to add gratuity to the bill when they ask if I’d like the check. I’m going to tip 20% or whatnot, so no big deal, and it often gets added in on top of the subtotal.

    • The restaurant did it in a funny way, they Had the total ($300 ) added gratuity ($60) then tax ($20) (in that order) and Then totaled it ($380) whoever calculated the reward just too the first line ($300) and gave rewards based on that, they didn’t do total plus tax.

  9. Has anyone noticed the amounts are not always consistent? Sometimes before tax sometimes after? Doesn’t usually make a difference unless it’s a big party when it can be like $10 difference.

    • I’ll have to pay attention next time. To be honest, I don’t really check and I should. I’ll let you know on my next meal in a couple or days.

  10. Hey TMN, and Rajim, just a thought on redemption times from the comments on the 21st… Has anyone noticed the more they use Seated, the longer their rewards take? I know from chats on the app that I’ve been flagged for manual review. The Plus 15 bonus ran rather quickly today, but I have had a few scenarios where they’ve thrown out rewards for “incorrect guest count”, or have said that a bar order wasn’t done in. I typically make sure I have a bonus when dining to maximize rewards. Any of these experiences? I have ramped up spend since Aug, probably have $600 in rewards from Aug-Nov.

    • Hey joy73,

      My friends and I haven’t experienced any problems. We have noticed recently the rewards take a little longer to approve, but I think that has more to do with how popular it is and they haven’t been staffed enough to handle the growth.

      Most of the issues I’ve heard directly from Seated are due to:

      1. Self-referral (referring yourself with another device/number)
      2. Incorrect guest count
      3. Arriving significantly before or after the reservation time (to prevent receipt fraud)
      4. Ordering take-out instead of dining in
      5. Two or more Seated users who eat together and split the check (causes logistical issues and can be declined)

      In other words, every reward my friends or I should have gotten have been received – it seems to take a day now instead of an hour or two like before.

  11. A lot of us received a $5 bonus code that started with “EXTRA5”, but Seated added a bunch of unique numbers at the end of it for the specific account. We need a new bonus for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

  12. Anyone getting delayed rewards? It’s been 24 hours since I submitted my last receipt. I never received one later than 7-8 hours before this.

  13. You guys literally posted this code 2 minutes of each other. That pretty much means you’re both getting the notifications about the code and coming here right away, haha. Dedication!

    Are either of you doing the free $113 from buying the silver coin?

  14. Ask and thou shall receive

    NEWEATSNYC – $7 off if you try one of the restaurants that’s newly added to seated, valid till Thursday night

  15. I don’t know if the codes expire on different dates for different people, because it is 11/10 and I just now input the codes ITSCOLD and CHILLY, and it says they both expire 11/11 (so Monday night).

    Also, I don’t know if this is because I am a new user, but I got the code BONUS valid until 10/31/2021, for $5, and NYC for $10, valid until 12/1/19.

    • Hi Michele,

      Thanks for the new info! Seated is weird on its expiration day. If it says 11/11, it normally will expire the day before right before midnight – so in this case, I think by tonight at 11:59pm it will stop working. Please tell us otherwise though if it worked for you.

      I’ll add BONUS and NYC to the list. If it works for others, please let me know.

      Welcome to the site! How did you find it? Google searching Seated promo codes?

      • Yes, the promo expiration date is a bit strange, because it is showing as grayed out and says in red “expired on 11/11”, even though today is 11/11, so in theory it should be valid until 11:59 pm tonight. I have messaged their customer service rep to clarify.

        And yes, I found the website by googling Seated promo codes. Thank you for putting this together!

          • I just wanted to update: the Seated rep responded to my question and it is true – the promo codes expire the day BEFORE the expiration date. I have told her to look into changing the expiration dates, or provide clarification in the FAQs


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