Seated Promo Code MONEY1 Gives You $70 in Extra Rewards

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You can now earn $70 as a new Seated app user or $55 for existing customers using the Seated promo code MONEY1 and other codes below! This is on top of the regular rewards you’ll earn for dining out.

What is Seated?

Seated is a early stage start-up, based in Boston and New York, that offers a mobile app on Apple iOS and Google Android which allows you to make reservations at over 3,000 restaurants.

For those of you who don’t know what the Seated app is, you can read my review and then download the app. It’s the best restaurant reservation app I’ve ever seen, giving you 20% to $40% of your dining costs back just for taking a picture of your dining bill!

Seated Promo Codes (September 2019)

All of the promotion codes below have been verified to work as of September 2019!

New Seated User:

If you’re new to Seated, once you download the app, add the $15 sign-up promo code MONEY1 before entering the other codes listed below. It won’t work if you enter it after other ones so add it first. You’ll get a total of $70!

Existing Seated User:

Unfortunately, MONEY1 is only for people who have never used the Seated app before, so it won’t work for you. However, you can enter the rest of the codes below. You’ll get a total of $55!

List of Seated Promotion Codes:



Which Seated promo code will be used first?

The good thing is Seated will always use your highest promo code first. So if you added all these we listed above into your Seated app, the next time you dine out it will use MONEY1 first. After that, it will use PLUS15 the second time you eat, then VIPGIFT1145, then PLUS10, then PLUS5, etc.

If two codes have the same rewards amount (VIPGIFT1145 and PLUS10), Seated will use the one that has an earlier expiration date.

Their method is very customer friendly, which is a huge plus.

The Bottom Line

As if Seated didn’t already give you enough rewards for dining out, they appear to be very proactive in getting people to constantly use their app.

I think Seated is sending different promotions based on user activity. If you haven’t used the app in a while, they’ll give you a bigger incentive to come back (like $15 with PLUS15). A person who uses it more often will get a smaller bonus ($5 with PLUS5).

The awesome part is that all promo codes work for any Seated account! You just have to find it, which is why along with this post, I also have a dedicated page that will always be updated with the latest promo codes for Seated.


  1. I signed up for Seated last month so I can’t use money1, but the all the other codes work!

    Time to grab a beer at the bar today. Spend $4, make $17. Repeat 4x. I’ll take it!

    Your site is awesome btw. Love the Spend It section!

    • The restaurants may them per visit, but the details are unknown since I don’t work for Seated. The restaurants benefit from having increased traffic. I also hope Seated ultimately becomes successful. Their value proposition seems too good though, so we’ll see if it’s sustainable in the long run. They’ve been in business for a few years so that’s a good sign!


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