Simon Mall $1,000 Visa Gift Cards: 35% Off Purchase Fees With Promo Code

Simon Mall started to sell $1,000 Visa gift cards a couple of years ago in their malls, and now the cards are available online too! Plus, get 35% off the purchase fees when you use the latest promo code found in this post.

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Simon Mall $1,000 Visa Gift Cards

A couple of years ago, Simon Mall, a company that owns roughly 200+ malls in the U.S., started to offer shoppers the ability to buy Visa gift cards in $1,000 denominations with a maximum limit of 25 cards per order ($25,000 total).

These cards can be purchased at the Simon Customer Service kiosks.

With the ongoing pandemic, Simon has made these cards available online. You’re able to buy them at the same $1,000 denominations, but the limit has been capped at 10 cards per order ($10,000 total).

The Visa gift cards can also be customized with your name embossed on it.

Simon Visa gift card offer
(Image from Simon)

35% Off Purchase Fees With Promo Code MAY23SAVE35

Order these Visa gift cards online and save 35% off the purchase fees when you use the promo code MAY23SAVE35.

Ninja Note: American Express no longer issues points for Simon Mall gift card purchases, so don’t use them if you planning to earn points or meet minimum spend bonuses on Amex cards.

The Bottom Line

New readers to The Money Ninja may be scratching their heads on why this is newsworthy.

It’s a hot deal for some because it’s a way to generate millions of points for almost no cost. People buy these gift cards using credit cards that earn rewards points or miles, liquidate the gift cards, and repeat the process.

Personally, I think it’s easier to buy Visa gift cards or Mastercard gift cards when they’re on sale at Staples (which happens frequently). Purchase them with a credit card that has a 5x office store spending category bonus like the Chase Ink cards and you’re golden.

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