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T-Mobile Free Trial: 90-Day Test Drive

Try T-Mobile free for 90 days! With T-Mobile Test Drive, you can try T-Mobile’s service for 90 days or 30GB of LTE data and see if it’s right for you.

The best part is you don’t have to switch your phone number or leave your current service! Learn more about this free promo and how to sign up in this post!

T-Mobile Free Trial for 2023

T-Mobile is offering a 90-day free trial on their service.

This promotion is called T-Mobile Network Test Drive where you’ll get to try out T-Mobile’s service for 90 days or 30GB of data (whichever comes first). The free trial includes unlimited talk and text.

You won’t lose your current phone number and you don’t need to switch from your current service provider either.

T-Mobile Free Trial details
(Image from T-Mobile)

There are two ways to sign-up for this promo:

  • If you have an unlocked iPhone XS or newer, you can download the free Network Test Drive app – no additional device is necessary.
  • If you don’t have an unlocked iPhone XS or newer, fill out the form in the link below and T-Mobile will send you a free hotspot device

Either way, this is a risk-free way to try out T-Mobile’s network and see how their data, talk, and text work at your home or on the go.

T-Mobile Free Trial Test Drive form
(Image from T-Mobile)

After The Free Trial Period

Once your free trial is over, you can return the Test Drive hotspot device to any T-Mobile store or pass it on to a friend who wants to try the service too.

If you downloaded the Network Test Drive app, there’s nothing to do on your part.

T-Mobile “Try Free For 90 Days” Terms & Conditions

  • Not available to current T-Mobile customers.
  • Non-T-Mobile customers that have not participated in the trial within the last 6 months are eligible.
  • Current T-Mobile for Business, Metro by T-Mobile or customers of T-Mobile partners using the T-Mobile network are not eligible.
  • Once you have participated in the Test Drive, you are not eligible to participate again for 6 months.
  • T-Mobile Test Drive participants are limited to one device per household, or if you are representing a business, one device per shipping address.
  • Test Drive will work with any smartphone or device that is Wi-Fi capable. To see if your device is Wi-Fi capable, check the specifications of the device.
  • Valid for business or personal accounts.

The Bottom Line

Your mileage may vary (YMMV), but I switched to T-Mobile several years ago and have no complaints. The speed and call quality is indistinguishable from the other carriers, but that might be due to living in a major city.

It saved me a bunch of money too as the pricing structure is lower than AT&T and Verizon.

Other T-Mobile benefits include weekly freebies and giveaways with their T-Mobile Tuesdays event. They’re also known to give additional free voice lines for new and existing customers as a random “thank you” gesture.

I have 10 voice lines and only pay for 4 of them 🙂

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