Worthy Bonds Referral: 7.00% APY + Free $10 Bond

Get a free $10 bond when you sign up for a Worthy Bonds account and buy one $10 bond. The free bond is awarded after purchasing a $10 bond and has no other requirements. Worthy Bonds also earn a 7.00% APY for a limited time.

Full details of this Worthy Bonds referral offer and other Worthy promotions and deals below!

Existing Worthy users can refer others to join and earn an additional $10 bond for each person that opens an account. The person you refer will also get a free $10 bond.

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About Worthy Bonds

Worthy Bonds uses your money to fund fully-secured loans to qualified American small businesses. In return, you’ll earn a fixed 7.00% APY through January 31, 2025 (the rate then changes to 5.73% APY).

Bonds are a fixed-income instrument and considered more conservative then stocks. In laymen terms, a bond is a loan from an investor (you) to a borrower (e.g. company or government). The investor receives a fixed interest rate in return for the loan.

You can buy Worthy Bonds in $10 denominations. Highlights of these bonds:

  • 7.00% APY fixed interest rate with $10 minimum investment (1 bond = $10)
  • Interest is compounded daily
  • Fully secured, asset-backed small business loans
  • 36-month bonds with no early withdrawal penalty and no fees
  • SEC-registered bonds
  • Available in the United States only

Worthy Bonds Referral – Free $10 Bond

Get a $10 bond free when you open a Worthy Bonds account using the link below and make a purchase of one $10 bond.

Ninja Note: There’s no mention of the free bond offer on the landing page, but you will receive the free bond as long as you follow the instructions below.

How To Get $10 Worthy Bond:

  1. Sign up for a free Worthy Bonds account using this link.
  2. Buy one $10 bond after registering for an account.
  3. Receive a free $10 bond within seven days of account opening.
  4. Maintain Worthy Bonds account for a period of 90 days.

You can redeem the bond after 90 days of it being issued to your account (provided your account is active and in good standing).

Worthy Bonds Referral Program

Invite your friends to Worthy using your referral link and you can both earn a free bond!

You can find your unique referral link by logging into your Worthy account and clicking “Earn Free Bond“. You’ll also find your social referral links for Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text.

Worthy referral location
(Image from Worthy)

You’re limited to a maximum of 50 qualified referrals per calendar year. So if you have 50 friends, you can get up to $500 per year from this referral bonus offer.

For Worthy Referrers

  • Referrals must be first time Worthy bond-buyers only. Limit 1 free, $10 bond per new user referred.
  • Both Referrer and Referee must have an active Worthy account that remains in good standing for a 90 day period before being eligible to redeem the free bond.
  • To be eligible for the reward, the person you refer must use your personal referral invitation link or marketing partner link when they sign up.
  • Bond Rewards under the Referral Offer are limited to 50 ($500) Bonds per calendar year per Offeror.

For Referred New Users

  • When a new user referred by an existing user or marketing partner link opens a Worthy account for the first time and purchases at least one $10 bond, a free, $10 bond will be awarded to the new customer’s account.
  • The Referee’s account must be active and remain in good standing for a period of 90 days after the reward’s issuance to remain eligible to redeem the bond.
  • The new customer must be a US citizen (including residents of Puerto Rico) and be at least 18 years of age.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer.

For All Users

Worthy will generally process a Bond Reward for a Referral Offer and deposit the Bond within 7 days following the opening date of a qualifying account and purchase of a single $10 bond.

Any person abusing the program – such as creating multiple Worthy accounts or sending their referral link indiscriminately to large numbers of recipients – will not qualify for the promotion and their account will be terminated.

For complete information, see the Referral Terms & Conditions.

Users from Nebraska and Hawaii are not eligible for participation in the referral program due to state law. Worthy does not offer bonds in Florida so therefore referrals from or to Florida residents cannot be accepted.

The Bottom Line

I listed Worthy Bonds as one of the top passive income ideas. As soon as I posted that, Worthy ran out of bonds to sell – talk about good timing.

It has taken nearly two years for new bonds to be available. Based on history, these could sell out very fast depending on how many bonds they were able to register with the SEC.

This Worthy Bonds promo gives you a 100% return on your money so I’d buy at least a $10 bond. If you have additional money that you want to safely invest, you should buy I Bonds instead. These type of savings bonds provide a higher rate and are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

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