$5 Prime Video Credit + $5 Cheez-It Credit For Watching Amazon Prime Movies

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Would you like to get rewarded for watching Amazon Prime movies? Well, now you can! You’ll get $5 in Prime Video credit and $5 Cheez-It credit every month just for enjoying select Amazon Prime movies.


Cheeze-It has partnered with Amazon to launch a campaign called Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream in order to promote their Cheez-It Snap’d line of snacks.

The promotion gives you credits towards your future Prime Video purchases and rentals along with credits to buy Cheez-It snacks.

Best of all, since you can do this monthly, you can save the $5 credits and combine them together towards a larger purchase later.

Cheeze-It Snap'd & Stream promotion landing page splash ad

Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream Offer

Direct Link [Amazon]

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For every month that you watch 5 hours of content on Prime Video, you’ll receive the following credits:

  • $5 Prime Video credit
  • $5 Cheez-It credit
Earn a $5 Cheeze-It credit + Earn a $5 Prime Video credit

3 Steps To Complete Offer

This is an offer you can do monthly, but you need to activate it by enrolling every month.

Steps to earn Cheeze-It credit and Prime Video credit

5 Hours Of Select Content

To get the credits, you’ll have to watch 5 hours of movies on Prime Video.

However, it’s only selected content that counts towards the 5 hour requirement.

Luckily, the choices look good. In August for instance, the movie theme is action movies and there are 15 movies to choose from:

Cheeze-It Snap'd & Stream August streaming options

If you’re not interested in the movie selections, you can just easily stream it in the background for the credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate?

To participate, verify you’re signed in with the account you use to stream Prime Video, then click on the “Enroll Now” button. 

Do I need to be a Prime member to participate?

No, you do not need to be a Prime member to participate. Non-Prime customers are able to purchase or rent a selection of titles from the Prime Video catalog.

Do I need to enroll every month to participate?

Yes, you need to enroll every month to be eligible for the month’s Snap’d & Stream. Make sure to check back for new content in the upcoming months.

How do I know I am in?

Once you’ve verified the account you use to stream Prime Video and clicked “Enroll Now”, you are in for the month.   

How do I know I’m working towards my credits?

Once you’ve enrolled, you can start watching the month’s selected Prime Video content on any device, as long as you’re logged in with the same user account you used to enroll. 

Can I download the shows and watch them offline?

No. In order to be eligible for the credits, all streaming needs to be completed while online.

How do I know I’ve completed this month’s streaming requirements?

You will receive an email confirmation with redemption instructions within 72 hours of completion.

When is the deadline?

The program starts on the first day of the month at 12:00AM PT and ends on the last day of the month at 11:59PM PT. You can participate any time of the month to be eligible. The credits expire on 1/31/2021 8:00:00 AM UTC

What can I use the credit on?

The $5 Amazon credit can be used to purchase select Cheez-It Snap’d and Cheez-It products. Full list of eligible products will be available on the redemption page once you complete the challenge and receive the confirmation email.  

You can also save and stack the $5 credit towards larger purchases of products identified on the redemption page, but remember that credits expire on 1/31/2021 8:00AM UTC. If you receive a $5 Prime Video credit, that can be used towards any rental or purchase on Prime Video. 

How much credit can I receive?

While supplies last, each customer can receive up to $5 Amazon credit and $5 prime video credit per month.

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer only available to customers located and with billing addresses in the U.S. who have signed up to participate on the Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream Amazon.com page each month.
  • While supplies last, customers each month who stream specified hours of eligible content on Prime Video will receive a (i) $5 Amazon credit that can be applied towards purchase of eligible Cheez-It products, and (ii) $5 Prime Video credit that can be applied to rent or buy eligible Prime Video content.
  • Full list of eligible Cheez-it products will be available on the redemption page once the customer completes the challenge and receives the confirmation email.
  • Customers can also save and stack the $5 Amazon credit toward larger purchases of eligible products identified on the redemption page.
  • Customers can also save and stack the $5 Prime Video credits that can be applied to rent or buy eligible Prime Video content.
  • It takes up to 72 hours for customers to receive redemption email upon completion of streaming requirements.
  • Monthly offer ends on the last day of each month at 11:59 PM PT.
  • Promotional credit must be redeemed by 8:00AM UTC January 31, 2021.


The Bottom Line

Everyone is eligible for this Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream offer so this is a good money-saving opportunity.

While Amazon partners with credit card companies a lot, this is the first offer I’ve seen that is done with a snack product.

Remember to use all your Cheez-It and Prime Video credits by 1/31/2021.

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