American Express Corporate Advantage Program: Up To $150 Annual Credit For Personal Cards

Did you know there’s something called the American Express Corporate Advantage Program that gives you an annual credit of up to $150 on your personal AMEX cards? We’ll go over the program and tell you how to take advantage of this benefit!

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American Express Corporate Advantage Program

The American Express Corporate Advantage Program is a benefit offered to people who hold an AMEX corporate card.

These are charge cards that a number of companies issue to their employees to put their work expenses on. It looks identical to other AMEX cards besides the word “corporate” that appears right on top of the logo.

If you have one of these cards, American Express is offering you a discount in the form of a recurring annual statement credit on some of their personal cards that have an annual fee.

American Express Corporate Advantage Program landing page
(Image from American Express)


Personal Card Recurring Annual Statement Credit

Depending on which personal AMEX card you have, the recurring annual statement credit can be as high as $150:

  • American Express Platinum = $150
  • American Express Gold = $100
  • American Express Green = $75
  • American Express Blue Cash = $50

If you already have one of these cards, you should call the phone number on the back of your corporate card to request the annual credit to be applied to your personal card account.

If you’re planning to get one, the link below will transfer you to the program’s main page. Enter your corporate card information in order to get the offers:

American Express “View My Offers” Link

Enter AMEX corporate card information
(Image from American Express)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this offer?

Select American Express Corporate Card holders are eligible to apply for a special offer on select Personal American Express Cards. The Corporate Card must be not be canceled or past due.

Will the program impact my existing Corporate Card in any way?

No, applying for a Personal Card through this program will not impact your Corporate Card in any way. Please call the number on the back of your Corporate Card if you have any questions about your Corporate Card Membership.

Will my employer be notified that I have or am applying for a Personal Card and can they see the activity on it?

No, your Personal Card application and decision are NOT shared with your employer. Your employer does not receive any incentive for you applying and will not see any activity on the Card.

Will this program impact the Corporate Card Membership Rewards programs?

No, this program does not impact the Corporate Card Membership Rewards program. You will still follow your company’s policies on Membership Rewards earned on your Corporate Card.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

Please call the number on the back of your Corporate Card if you have any other questions.

The Bottom Line

A lot of big companies and quite a few smaller ones use American Express for their corporate card program. If you have one of these cards, it makes total ninja sense to get the discount on your AMEX personal cards.

I love that it’s recurring and I can forget about it once the credit has been applied.

I’m a big fan of American Express and a few of their cards are in my list of the best credit cards. While all the benefits and perks makes owning an Amex card worth it, it’s still a sizeable chunk of money. By taking advantage of this program, you can lower your membership costs.

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Ashley Hall
Ashley Hall
8 months ago

It worked! Just got a $100 recurring credit for my Gold card. Thank you!

3 years ago

In your last paragraph.