Capital One 360 $400 Checking Bonus

Earn a $400 bonus when you open a new Capital One 360 checking account! Learn more about this exciting offer inside!

Capital One 360 Checking $400 Bonus Offer

Capital One loves to give account opening bonuses. This year alone, they’ve offered $500 and even a whopping $1,000 to open a 360 Performance Savings account.

Now, Capital One is promoting the 360 Checking. You can earn a $400 bonus by opening a Capital One 360 Checking account and depositing 2 direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more.

Learn how to enroll in the 360 Checking offer, the details of the promotion, and avoiding account fees below.

Capital One 360 checking $400 bonus offer in 3 steps

Where Do I Enroll?

Direct Link

Ninja Update 8/29/21: The $400 offer has expired – we’ll update this link as it should be back at some point. If you can’t wait, there’s a similar Chase offer available.

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360 Checking $400 bonus landing page image


Who Qualifies For The Capital One Savings Bonus?

You qualify for the bonus, unless you have or had an open 360 Checking account as a primary or secondary account holder on or after January 1, 2018.

What Are The Details?

Availability: Nationwide
Expiration: 01/26/2021
Household Limit: None (everyone in your family can get the bonus!)
Direct Deposit Required: Yes, 2 direct deposits of $1,000+
Hard/Soft Pull: Soft
Early Account Termination Fee: None

Capital One is offering a checking bonus of $400 when you open a new 360 Checking account by following these 3 steps:

  1. Open a new 360 Checking account by January 26, 2021 using promo code BONUS400.
  2. Make at least 2 direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more within 60 days of account opening.
  3. Receive a $400 bonus 3 months after the initial 60-day account opening period.

Ninja Note: A lot of comments regarding where to enter the promo code during the application process. When you get to the section that asks for your banking information, look for a link on that page. Click the link and a text field will pop up where you can enter the code.

That last step can be a little confusing. Here’s a helpful chart with some examples on when you can expect the $400 bonus:

Capital One 360 checking $400 bonus timeline

Avoiding Fees

Fortunately, there are NO monthly fees to worry about and there’s no early account termination fees either!

Terms & Conditions

Here’s the full scoop on how to earn your $400 bonus:

  1. Open a 360 Checking account between 12:00 a.m. ET on November 9, 2020, and 11:59 p.m. ET on January 26, 2021. When you open your account, enter your promotional code—BONUS400.
  2. Receive at least 2 direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more to your 360 Checking account within 60 days of account opening. A qualifying direct deposit is an Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit, which may include payroll, pension or government payments (such as Social Security) by your employer or an outside institution.
  3. This account is subject to approval. This offer cannot be combined with any other 360 Checking account opening offers. Only one promotional code is accepted. Bonus is only valid for one new 360 Checking account.
  • If you have or had an open 360 Checking account as a primary or secondary account holder with Capital One on or after January 1, 2018, you will be ineligible for the bonus.
  • If your account is in default, closed or suspended, or otherwise not in good standing, you will not receive the bonus.

The Bottom Line

Interesting timing of this promotion considering Capital One just offered a $250 bonus for opening the same account a few days earlier. That one didn’t require a direct deposit so it may be useful for some, but this bonus is 60% more and requires just 2 direct deposits.

This is a bit annoying for those who already opened an account for that deal as this is obviously a better deal.

74 thoughts on “Capital One 360 $400 Checking Bonus”

  1. $400 bonus posted

    Just like the CO CS rep stated any deposit transfers will qualify and trigger the bonus.
    I did not have a real DD just ACH transfers from outside banks.

    18 Nov 2020 opened account funded with $1.00 transfer from Cap One 360 MM
    25 Nov 2020 First $500 posted ACH push from Ally CK
    01 Dec 2020 pull $500 back to Ally CK
    03 Dec 2020 Second $500 posted ACH push from Disc CK
    07 Dec 2020 pull $500 back to Ally CK
    06 Jan 2021 third $500 posted ACH push from Ally CK
    10 Jan 2021 pull $500 back to Ally CK
    19 Feb 2021 $400 Cha-Ching! New account bonus

  2. Do you think they’ll ever do this bonus again in the future? Trying to decide if I want to open an account now to get the current $150 bonus or wait to see if this pops up again

    • Typically, bonuses go away and come back again, but no one knows for sure. You could sign up for higher bonuses at other banks while you wait to see if Capital One 360 brings this $400 offer back.

  3. I opened my account in December 2020 and my first direct deposit was done on December 31st and two weeks after another direct deposit. I’m still waiting for my bonus

        • I’m with you. applied on last day or the pomo, used code. did 2x 500s from payroll DD. Expected bonus “By 5/31” but nothing yet.

          • I was in the same boat, called them last week and they told me everything i Ok but the bonus didn’t go through for some reason. They had to manually push it through and I git it finally yesterday. They must have some kind of glitch going on. Call them and they will process it manually.

        • I finally received my bonus on June 2. I also called though on June 1 to find out why I hadn’t received the bonus. I was told I had met the qualifications and they would look into it. Not sure if the call helped.

  4. Hello. Can someone please confirm if ebay direct payments aka EDI payments (which are electronic transfers from ebay directly to your Capital One 360 checking account), count as ACH deposits that triggers the bonus? ebay is in the process of phasing out PayPal as their payment processor, so transferring from PayPal in no longer an option.

    Prior to opening this Cap One 360 account, I had ebay linked to my Chase Checking account, and the EDI payments would show as “ACH Credit” deposits on Chase bank statements. However, after setting up my Cap One 360 as the transfer to bank, the Cap One bank statements categorize these deposits as “transfers.” So that’s why I am asking if they are still considered ACH transfers that will count towards getting the bonus, or not?

  5. I’ve had $260 deposited 4 times in the 60 day period.
    Will that work 🙂 ? Or I have to wait till May to find out 🙁

  6. Hi! I’m curious if anyone knows if getting your tax return by direct deposit would trigger the direct deposit promotion for the CapitalOne 360 checking?

    • Under “terms and conditions“ it says: “A qualifying direct deposit is an Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit, which may include payroll, pension or government payments (such as Social Security) by your employer or an outside institution.”

      So, any ACH deposit qualifies for the bonus.

  7. So I can deposit $1,000 into E*Trade and make 2 deposits of $500 in my capital one 360 account and that will qualify for the bonus?

  8. Hi, If I already have the direct deposits for $1000. Do I still have to have direct deposits until I receive bonus? I would like to change my job direct deposit but have not received bonus yet. thanks

  9. Hi, I’m kinda of confused on the wording. Is the 26th the last day to qualify for the bonus 400 or does it expire right on the 26th? Due to verification purposes, my account won’t be created until the 26th. Thank you 🙂

  10. If we made our account before the 1/26/21, but both of our deposit is on the 26th or after, will we still qualify for the bonus 400? Thanks

  11. I haven’t been able to find an exact answer to this question. How can I replicate a “direct paycheck deposit” from my employer? I don’t want to change which account receives my direct deposit, and would much rather just transfer funds into my new 360 account. Any clear guidance in this regard would be most appreciated. Sorry I didn’t read through all of the comments close enough. If I initiate a regular funds transfer from my Schwab account, that will trigger it?

  12. Even worse. In trying to find a bonus button after setting up a 360, I was prompted to reenter all my info. Then found the button. Clicked. Was denied. And now I have 2 worthless accounts. Cap 1 is impossible to communicate with.

  13. Opened account 1/15 through the link but did not find anywhere to enter the bonus code. Called 1/16 to ask if the code was applied and they said it was not, and I would have to call back after 4/14 in order to retroactively apply the code. They could not do it right now. Somehow doubt this will work out.

    • Hey Phil. They did a really poor job of showing where to put the promo code. Refer to my response to Danny on 11/25/20. There’s a link next to where you entered your banking information.

      Capital One should give you the bonus. They can see the link you’ve applied from. I would send them an electronic message from your online account and mentioned you applied via the promo code link, but couldn’t find a place to enter it (promo code “BONUS400”).

      Please keep us updated.

  14. Hi, Do you need to keep the $1000 in the account in order to qualify for the bonus? Like can i withdraw it before the bonus pay date?

  15. So you’re saying if I go into ally and transfer money into capital one this would qualify as “direct deposit” and trigger the bonus reward?

  16. I signed up for this offer today, but never got an option to enter the bonus code… I received an email that they are going to contact me in 2 days to continue the process…
    Also, do you know if it’s 2 direct deposits of $1000 each, or a total of $1000 on 2 separate direct deposits?

    • The bonus code is on the page where you enter your bank information. There’s a link you need to click on to get the bonus code field to open. Capital One did a poor job in designing the application process. You can mention the code when they call you and they’ll manually put it into your account.

      For the 2 direct deposits, it’s a total of $1,000 (deposit #1 and #2 must total $1,000 or more when added together).

  17. Hey just wanted to let yall know the direct link goes to 360 Savings which is not the checking account in the article so keep that in mind. You won’t get money for it because its the wrong account

  18. Checking out the capital one checking bonus – It is my understanding from your direct deposit blog that Cap1 doesn’t recognize Bank of America as an acceptable bank to get deposits from in relation to qualifying for the bonus? I just want to confirm whether or not I can use a BOA or even a citizens account to make ACH deposits from (push transfers) in order to qualify for the Cap1 checking bonus.

  19. Do you know if PayPal will trigger the bonus for Capital One 360 accounts? It shows up as an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) when I did it…..does that count as an ACH?

    • Hi Oz – welcome to this site! I actually ran across your blog a while back (someone mentioned it on a thread I was participating in over at Flyertalk).

      To answer your question, I haven’t heard of PayPal working or not working for Capital One 360. Anything that has ACH coded as part of the description has worked in the past. The transfers that have been verified to trigger the bonus are from these banks:

      Charles Schwab
      Discover Savings
      Fifth Third
      First Tennessee
      Goldman Sachs
      TD Ameritrade

      I updated this post to include this info.

      • Can you tell me if PNC transfers work on Capital One checking? I’m waiting on my $400 bonus which I signed up for on the very last day 1/26. I’ve done suçcesfully for other bank offers from PNC. Shows up as a p2p on 360 yet an ACH webxfer on PNC. How long should I wait?


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