Chase $200 Checking Bonus

Chase is offering a $200 bonus for new Chase checking customers that open a Chase Total Checking® account! Learn more about this Chase bank bonus and how to take advantage of the offer!

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Chase Total Checking $200 Bonus

The Chase Total Checking account is the most popular checking account in Chase’s lineup and now you can get a $200 bonus when you sign up for one!

To earn the bonus, simply open a Chase Total Checking account and set up a direct deposit within 90 days of account opening. Once you make a direct deposit, you’ll receive the bonus into your account within 15 days of doing so.

There’s no minimum direct deposit requirement making this an easy offer for many people!

How Do I Get The $200 Bonus?

Open Account

Click the ‘Open an Account‘ links to reach Chase’s landing page for this promotion. You can either:

  • Apply online directly through the link or
  • Enter your email address to have an offer coupon emailed to you and bring it to a Chase Branch

Am I Eligible For The $200 Bonus?

You are eligible for the $200 bonus if you’re considered a new Chase checking account customer, which means:

  • You don’t have an existing Chase checking account or closed one within the last 90 days
  • You haven’t received a new checking account opening related bonus in the last 2 years
  • You didn’t close a checking account with a negative balance within the last 3 years

If you satisfy those three conditions, then you can take advantage of this bonus offer.

What Are The Offer Details?

Availability: Nationwide
Expiration: 4/19/2023
Household Limit: None
Direct Deposit Required: Yes, any amount
Early Account Termination Fee: Must keep the account open for 6 months or you’ll forfeit the bonus

Chase $200 checking bonus offer
(Image from Chase Bank)

What Are The Fees?

The Chase Total Checking account has a monthly service fee of $12, but that can be waived to $0, when one of the following happens during each monthly statement period:

  • Receive electronic deposits into this account totaling $500 or more, such as payments from payroll providers or government benefit providers, by using (i) the ACH network, (ii) the Real Time Payment network, or (iii) third party services that facilitate payments to your debit card using the Visa® or Mastercard® network OR
  • Have a monthly balance at the beginning of each day of $1,500 or more in this account OR
  • Have an average beginning day balance of $5,000 or more in any combination of this account and linked qualifying Chase checking, savings, and other balances

For information on other miscellaneous fees, read this PDF document that details everything you need to know about the Chase Total Checking account.

The Bottom Line

I’m a big fan of Chase and have been deep in their ecosystem for years now as a cardholder of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Ink Cash, and Chase Hyatt credit cards along with having a Chase checking and savings account.

Chase has offered higher sign-up bonuses for their checking accounts in the past, but this is currently the highest available nationwide bonus.

This should be easy to do for most people since it only requires a single direct deposit of any amount to trigger the $200 bonus. Just be sure to keep your account open for at least six months. While there’s no account closing fee, you’ll forfeit the bonus if you close your account before then.

For all other offers from Chase, see this Chase Bank promotions page.

12 thoughts on “Chase $200 Checking Bonus”

  1. There is no mention in the Terms and Conditions for the Chase bonus that you must keep the account open for 6 months to keep the bonus. Please advise where this is stated or if this is an old requirement.

    • I looked at the offer terms and conditions and can no longer find the six month requirement either. This has been standard for years so let me confirm with Chase Bank before I remove the early termination fee. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  2. I spoke to bank rep today that said
    Once you open both checking and savings you are not eligible to get savings bonus when it’s offered again.

    • She’s misinformed. So long as enough time has passed after a previous Chase bonus, you’ll be eligible to get the bonus again. The terms and conditions of the offer is what you want to read.

  3. Hi I recently open a new chase on Oct 20, 2021 account because I saw the $225 bonus for new customer so I was wondering since I link my bank called Mybambu with chase and made a direct deposit with $10 ACH credit do I qualify for the $225 bonus ? So on Thursday Nov 4, 2021 will be the 15 days hopefully the $225 chase bonus gets deposited?

    • Hey Tommy! If it were me, I’d jump on this offer since you’ll still be eligible for a Chase savings account bonus when it’s available again. Getting both a checking and savings account opening bonus separately will come close to the expired $500/$600 combo deal (which was close to a year ago).

  4. So if I understand it right, I can split my paycheck and have any amount sent to this checking account and I’ll get $250?

    I might keep the account because it has nice features and no/low fees, but I’m not ready to change my banking yet. I just want to make sure if I deposit something like $1 that I’m not screwing myself up.

      • I already had a direct deposit from my job to another account and I just recently opened up a new Chase bank account and was trying to get the $225 bonus what other deposits can I do into the account to get the bonus other than a direct deposit? Can I transfer it from a money network card?

  5. Do yourself a favor. If you open a new checking account, whether it’s personal or business, do it in a branch.
    And bring a check to fund your account.
    That would be the safest way to prevent your account from being locked up


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