Capital One 360 $250 Checking Bonus [No Direct Deposit Requirements]

Earn a $250 bonus when you open a new Capital One 360 checking account with NO direct deposit requirements. Learn more below!

Capital One 360 Checking $250 Bonus Offer

Capital One loves to give account opening bonuses. This year alone, they’ve offered $500 and even a whopping $1,000 to open a 360 Performance Savings account.

Now, Capital One is promoting the 360 Checking. You can earn a bonus of up to $250 by opening a Capital One 360 Checking account and within the first 90 days:

  • Spend $500+ and earn a $150 bonus
  • Spend $1,500+ and earn a $250 bonus

Ninja Note: There’s a $400 bonus version of this offer that requires 2 direct deposits. I recommend getting that deal instead if you’re able to meet the direct deposit requirements.

Capital One 360 checking $250 bonus offer in 3 steps

Learn how to enroll in the 360 Checking offer, the details of the promotion, and avoiding account fees below.

Where Do I Enroll?

Direct Link

360 Checking $250 bonus landing page image


Who Qualifies For The Capital One Savings Bonus?

You qualify for the bonus, unless you have or had an open 360 Checking account as a primary or secondary account holder on or after January 1, 2018.

What Are The Details?

Availability: Nationwide
Expiration: 01/26/2021
Household Limit: None (everyone in your family can get the bonus!)
Direct Deposit Required: No
Hard/Soft Pull: Soft
Early Account Termination Fee: None

Capital One is offering a checking bonus of $250 when you open a new 360 Checking account by following these 3 steps:

  1. Open a new 360 Checking account by January 26, 2020 using promo code UPTO250.
  2. Spend over $500 with your Capital One debit card to earn $150 or over $1,500 to earn $250 in the first 90 days after you open your account.
  3. Receive a $150 or $250 bonus 60 days after the 90-day the spend period ends.

Avoiding Fees

Fortunately, there are NO monthly fees to worry about and there’s no early account termination fees either!

Terms & Conditions

Here’s the full scoop on how to earn your $250 bonus:

  1. Open a 360 Checking account between 12:00 a.m. ET on November 9, 2020, and 11:59 p.m. ET on January 26, 2021. When you open your account, enter your promotional code—UPTO250. If you have or had an open 360 Checking account as a primary or secondary account holder with Capital One on or after January 1, 2018, you’re ineligible for the bonus. This account is subject to approval.
  2. After you open your account, over the next 90 days, you must meet spending requirements with your Capital One 360 Checking debit card to be eligible for the bonus (spend period). Earn a $150 bonus when you spend $500.01–$1,500.00 within 90 days of opening the account OR earn a $250 bonus when you spend $1,500.01 or more within 90 days of opening the account.
  3. During the 90-day spend period, only in-person and online transactions with your debit card will qualify as spend. ATM transactions, Zelle® transactions or bill payments (ACH) will not qualify. Some transactions may post later than the date of purchase. For bonus eligibility—transactions must be made and posted within the 90-day spend period.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other 360 Checking account opening offers. Only one promotional code is accepted. Bonus is only valid for one new 360 Checking account.
  • If your account is in default, closed or suspended, or otherwise not in good standing, you will not receive the bonus.

The Bottom Line

Good deal, especially for those who find bank bonuses with direct deposit requirements a little more difficult to do. Having said that, there’s a $400 version of this promotion that requires 2 direct deposits totaling $1,000. That bonus is 60% more than this one, so I’d recommend getting that one instead if you can swing it.

1 thought on “Capital One 360 $250 Checking Bonus [No Direct Deposit Requirements]”

  1. I opened a Capital one 360 checking account in July 2021. I opened it online and I had to wait for my direct deposit to be switched to it from where I had it previously. I’m on SSI AND SSA, And I had 2 Capital one credit cards I had gotten in the past several months, which is why I decided to go with Capital one for a checking account.
    Can I get the promo’s even though I didn’t know about the promo when I opened the account? The account is open and active with direct deposit monthly as my banking needs now. It has been since August 2021.
    Barbara J WUNDER


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