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Fetch Rewards: 2,000 Points For Each Just BARE Chicken Purchase

Fetch Rewards has a new special offer where you’ll earn 2,000 points for every purchase of Just BARE chicken!

Fetch Rewards Overview

Fetch Rewards is a mobile app that you can earn rewards for scanning all your grocery receipts.

We gave it 8.8 stars in our review. If you’re a new user, you can also earn 4,000 bonus points by signing up with our link.

2,000 Points For Each Just BARE Chicken Purchase Offer

Fetch Rewards is offering 2,000 points every time you purchase Just BARE All Natural Fresh and Frozen Chicken:

  • Valid on receipts dated 8/17/20 through 10/15/20
  • You can earn 2,000 points multiple times on the same receipt or e-receipt
  • Limit 20 per user

You can find the offer when you launch the app under the “Discover” section:


The Bottom Line

The 2,000 points earned on Fetch is worth $2, but that’s not why this is newsworthy.

It’s newsworthy because Swagbucks is also running a promotion on Just BARE branded chicken where you can essentially get free chicken or get paid to buy chicken every week through November 30.

This adds more money on top of that. Now you’ll end up with 38 packages of chicken that cost $152, but you’ll make $230 for a net profit of almost $80!

If you’re new to the Fetch app, remember to add Fetch referral code MONEYNINJA during sign-up for a welcome bonus of 4,000 points.

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