Fidelity Spire $50 Bonus Offer

Fidelity Investments is offering a $50 bonus when you open a new account and set up an automatic deposit with Fidelity Spire, their new mobile app.

Learn the details of this Fidelity Spire promotion and see how you can get the maximum cash offer of $50!

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What is Fidelity Spire?

Fidelity Spire is a new mobile app from Fidelity that adds fintech features to help people plan, save, and invest smarter. You can link your external accounts, track balances, and set financial goals with it.

Fidelity Spire is separate from their main Fidelity app. The immediate difference I see is how visual everything is and makes tracking your personal finances fun.

Fidelity Spire $50 Bonus Offer

Ninja Update: Spire is scheduled to shut down in March 2023. However, Fidelity Investments is offering sign-up bonuses for Fidelity Cash Management and Plynk.

Fidelity Spire has a promotion that is offering a $50 bonus when you open a new, eligible Fidelity account via the Spire app and set up an automatic monthly deposit with a minimum of $10 per month for six months.

The bonus amount is $50 if you set up automatic deposits of $50 or more. If your deposits are lower than that, the bonus will vary according to the table below:

DepositCash Bonus
$10.00 – $24.99$10
$25.00 – $49.99$25
$50.00 or more$50

Both new and existing Fidelity customers can take part in this promotion. Eligible accounts that you can open under this offer includes:

  • Fidelity Cash Management Account (FCMA)
  • Fidelity Brokerage Account
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Rollover IRA
  • Fidelity Go
Fidelity Spire promotions cash offer
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Spire Tier Cash Offer Terms & Conditions

This offer is available to new or existing Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC (“Fidelity”) customers who open a new, eligible Fidelity account on or after 9/30/2021 in the Fidelity Spire® app and establish the required automatic monthly deposit as detailed below. Offer is limited to one account per individual.

IMPORTANT: Customers who were rewarded the $100 from the previous Spire Fixed Cash Offer from April 2021 to July 2021 are not eligible for this current offer.

In order to receive the bonus award, Spire users must comply with the following requirements:

  • Register for the offer by opening a new, eligible Fidelity account on or after 9/30/2021. The eligible account must be opened within the Fidelity Spire® app. As a confirmation of your registration, an email will be sent to the email address you provided during the account opening process within 48 hours after the eligible account has been established in good order.
  • Eligible accounts include The Fidelity Account, Fidelity Cash Management Account, Fidelity Roth IRA, or a Fidelity Traditional IRA.
  • Establish an automatic monthly deposit with a minimum of $10 per month which must remain in effect for at least 6 months from the date of initial deposit. Fidelity may charge accounts that fail to comply with this requirement the cost of the bonus award.
  • The Net Deposit at the end of the 20 days after account opening (“the qualification period”) must reach one of the following tiers. Deposits of $10.00 to $24.99 may receive $10, deposits of $25.00 to $49.99 may receive $25, and deposits of $50.00 or more may receive $50.00. Funding must come from an external, non-Fidelity source.
  • For purposes of this offer, “Net Deposits” shall mean total external deposits or transfers (including cash, eligible securities and/or margin debit balance transfers) minus assets withdrawn or transferred out of the account within the qualification period.
  • Account holders must maintain the bonus award (minus any losses related to trading or market volatility, or margin debit balances) in the account for at least 6 months from the date on which the bonus award is credited to the account. Fidelity may charge accounts that fail to comply with this requirement the cost of the bonus award.

The bonus award will be deposited directly to the eligible account within 5 business days after the qualification period.

The Bottom Line

Fidelity doesn’t typically offer bonuses for opening any Fidelity accounts (especially for existing customers) so this is a good opportunity to do so and make some extra money at the same time.

Personally, I use Fidelity’s Cash Management Account as my primary banking hub. It’s a free checking account with an incredible debit card (e.g. free ATM withdrawals, rebates for fees other ATMs charge, very competitive international currency exchange rates).

It’s also an option to push deposits when you’re taking advantage of bank bonuses, like these Chase Bank promotions.

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