Get 20% Back On Netflix With SoFi Money

SoFi Money has partnered with Netflix to give you 20% cash back on ALL the Lyft rides you take!

Ninja Update: SoFi Money is no longer available to new users. Instead, you can get the SoFi Checking and Savings account that comes with a $325 welcome bonus! See this and other offers at our Sofi Promotions page.

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A lot of The Money Ninja readers have recently opened up a SoFi Money account based on my review and the $15 bonus offer just for downloading the app (it’s still available if you’re interested).

Well, it’s not only a great money management account, but SoFi keeps offering cool perks that’s exclusive to account holders. The most recent perk is with Netflix!

SoFi Money and Netflix partnership promotion

What is the offer SoFi Money is providing with Netlix?

SoFi Money is offering members 20% cash back on 3 months of your Netflix subscription. You need to enroll by February 20, 2020.

Enrollment Link

You must use your SoFi Money debit card as the payment option on your Netflix subscription to get the 20% back. Other than that, there’s really no fine print or terms or conditions you have to watch out for.

Terms & Conditions

The full terms and conditions are located here, but the bullet points below are all you really need to know:

  • Requires registration in your SoFi account
  • Must enroll by February 20, 2020
  • Offer valid for 3 months from enrollment
  • Max $20 back per month
  • Limit one Netflix subscription per month
  • The total number of enrolled members under this Program is limited to the first 500 users who enroll


The Bottom Line

I’m starting to really love SoFi Money. They’re separating themselves from other savings and checking accounts by offering perks that are so interesting.

The wrote about their partnership with Lyft where they gave 20% back on all Lyft rides up to $1,000. That was an awesome deal and one that I almost maxed out on with all the ride shares I take.

At the same time, their interest rates are also one of the best rates you’ll find. Definitely consider a SoFi Money account if you want to park your money somewhere and get cool benefits to boot.

You’ll get a sign up bonus too for using this referral link, exclusively through The Money Ninja.

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