Google Pixel 3a Phone For As Low As $199 (After $100 Gift Card)

Amazon and Best Buy both have a smoking deal on the Google Pixel 3a phone where you can buy one for as low as $199! This is definitely the LOWEST price ever on the Pixel 3a!

Google Pixel 3a Deals

Best Buy is selling the Google Pixel 3a for $350 and giving a $100 Best Buy gift card for free with the purchase of the phone. If you value the $100 gift card at face value, then your net cost is only $250!

Not to be outdone, Amazon has matched the offer! Not only that, you can save another 20% if you get the deal with the current AMEX promo (or the $20 Discover promo if you don’t have the AMEX one).

Amazon’s Deal

Direct Link

If you are eligible for the AMEX promo mentioned above, it’ll knock off another 20% from your total (up to a maximum of $50). You can see how it looks below if the promo is applied successfully:

Amazon order summary with AMEX 20% discount applied

Remember to use just 1 AMEX point during checkout. You don’t need to use more and you shouldn’t use more since it’s a bad value. You’re only using a single point in order to get the 20% discount to apply:

Applying 1 AMEX point to an Amazon order

Best Buy’s Deal

Direct Link

The sale is for the unlocked version and is available on all 3 colors:

  • Just Black
  • Purple-ish
  • Clearly White
Google Pixel 3a at Best Buy

The Bottom Line

Great deal on a well-reviewed phone. The Google Pixel 3a was just released in April 2019. It’s not even a year old and is considered a “current release”.

In terms of pricing, it’s never been offered this low. Both the Amazon and Best Buy deals are great, but if you qualify for the AMEX promo on Amazon, it’s going to be unbeatable.

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