Swagbucks: Join AARP For $12 And Earn $20

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Swagbucks has an offer that not only lets you join AARP for free, but you’ll make $8 in profit for doing so! This is another moneymaker deal with Swagbucks. See how below!

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online cash back site that pays you for shopping at your favorite retailers. It’s a legit site having been around since 2006 and has given away almost $400 million in rewards.

Want to learn more? Read our review here and sign up with my link to get a bonus of up to $13.

What is Swagbucks’ AARP membership offer?

Swagbucks is offering 2,000 “Swagbucks” for joining AARP. A Swagbuck is worth 1 cent per point so 2,000 Swagbucks is worth $20. An AARP membership is only $12 so like I said, you’re going to make $8 in profit for doing this deal.

AARP also comes with several useful benefits too. My favorites are all the discounts they offer at major hotels and getting $65-$200 off every single British Airways flight!

How do I get this deal?

There’s no direct link, but once you sign up for Swagbucks, go to the search bar located at the top and search for “AARP”. You’ll see an offer pop out offering 2,000 points:

Swagbucks' AARP deal for 2,000 SB

Click on “View Offer” and complete the deal.

Keep in mind you need to keep auto-renewal on. The 2,000 points will post after 32 days though, so just remember to cancel after that.

You DO have a whole year to cancel, so if you can take advantage of the AARP benefits I would just stay a member for a while.


Terms & Conditions

  • SB will appear as Pending for 32 days.
  • Must enter valid sign-up information, including credit card information to earn SB.
  • SB may be revoked if you cancel within 32 days.
  • Offer may only be redeemed once (1) per user.

How do I redeem Swagbucks?

On the upper-right hand corner of your Swagbucks account, it will list the amount of Swagbucks you have next to a smiley face. If you click on that, a drop-down menu will appear with “Redeem SB” as one of the options.

There, you can redeem your points for cash by choosing either a PayPal payment or Visa Rewards Card. You can also redeem them on a 1:1 basis at popular places like Amazon, Walmart, or iTunes.

The Bottom Line

Swabucks constantly offers deals like this and they’re easy money makers. A lot of The Money Ninja readers made an easy $140 by doing the LifeLock and Vuse offers.

I find Swagbucks to have great customer service too. Whenever I have an issue, a quick email to them usually resolves the problem. This is particular useful is something doesn’t track right.



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