Swagbucks: Play King Of Avalon & Get $72 When You Reach Level 21

Swagbucks is offering users 5,000 SB points (worth $50 in cash) when they play King of Avalon and reach level 18.

Ninja Update 11/26/21: Offer has increased to $72 from $50 on Swagbucks via Revenue Universe, but you now need to reach Level 21, three levels higher than the previous Level 18 requirement.

Swagbucks Overview

Swagbucks is a site that pays you for performing activities like shopping at your favorite retailers, taking surveys, and playing games.

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King Of Avalon 5,000 SB Offer

Swagbucks is offering 5,000 SB points, which is redeemable for $50 in cash, when you download the King of Avalon game and reach level 18.

How To Add ‘King Of Avalon’ Offer

Log into Swagbucks and search for ‘King of Avalon‘ in the search bar at the top of page. An offer to earn 5,000 points with King Of Avalon should appear.

Click on ‘View Offer‘ to continue:

Swagbucks - searching for 'King of Avalon'

A pop-up window will show up with the details of the offer. At the bottom of the pop-up screen, tap on ‘Earn 5000 SB‘:

Details of Swagbucks' King of Avalon 5,000 points offer

You’ll be taken to a page where you can enter either your email or phone number to receive the game download link. It’s important to download the game this way in order for the offer to be tracked correctly to your Swagsbucks account:

King of Avalon download screen on Swagbucks

Once you download the game and get to the required level, Swagsbucks will reward you 5,000 SB points within 72 hours.

How To Reach Level 18

There’s a full guide on Reddit that shows how you can complete this in 4 days without spending any money.

Another guide tells you how to finish the levels required in just 2.5 hours by spending $10 in the game. This is faster, but reduces the net profit of this offer to $40.

Ninja Hint: Although the offer states you need to get to level 18 before they award you the points, multiple sources confirm that you only need to get to level 17.

Terms & Conditions

  • King of Avalon – Android.
  • Install, open the app and Complete Stronghold Level 18 to earn 5,000 SB!
  • Must be installing the app for the first time.
  • Must Complete Stronghold Level 18 to earn SB.
  • SB awarded within 72 hours.
  • This offer is brought to you by ADGEM.

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The Bottom Line

This is up to you on whether spending time playing this is worth $50.

King of Avalon is a popular game on Android with over 10 million downloads and a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating. It’s a castle-and-monuments game if you’re into that genre. In order to level up your castle, you need to level up some monuments.

I haven’t personally played it yet, but I heard it’s a fun. With this Swagbucks’ offer, you’ll get $50 for doing so!

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