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Wells Fargo Promotions for July 2022 ($300 Bank Offer + Cash Rewards)

Here’s everything you need to know about Wells Fargo promotions; how to be eligible, what are the best bonuses currently available, when the bank or credit card offers expire, and more!

Wells Fargo is based in San Francisco and is the fourth largest national bank in the United States. With over 5,300 branches, 13,000 ATMs, and a convenient mobile app, it’s easier than ever to access your money at any time.

Plus, Wells Fargo is starting to aggressively offer big bank bonuses, credit card sign-up bonuses, and coupon codes for new and existing customers. Like other banks, Wells Fargo tries to attract more people to their bank accounts and credit cards by offering generous welcome bonuses.

Banks need new customers. You need more cash. When banks fight for your business, YOU WIN.

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission at no cost to you if you decide to make a purchase through my links. Visit this page for more information. The content on this page is accurate as of the posting date; however, some of the offers mentioned may have expired.

Current Wells Fargo Promotions

Here are the best Wells Fargo bonuses currently available for you today:

1. Wells Fargo Everyday Checking – $300 Bonus

Wells Fargo is offering a $300 bonus when you open a new checking account and make direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more.

This checking account is called Wells Fargo Everyday Checking, which is their most popular consumer checking product.

Bonus Amount: $300
Availability: Nationwide
Expiration: July 15, 2022

Bonus Requirements:

  1. Open a new Everyday Checking account via the link below
  2. Set up direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more within 90 days of account opening
  3. Receive the bonus within 30 days post the 90-day qualification period

2. Wells Fargo Active Cash Card – $200 Cash Rewards Bonus

Earn a $200 cash rewards bonus as a welcome offer when you open a Wells Fargo Active Cash Card and spend $1,000 in purchases in the first 3 months.

This is a cash back credit card that gives you 2% cash rewards on purchases with no category limitations or quarterly activations. It has no annual fee and also offers a 0% intro APR for 15 months from account opening.

Bonus Amount: $200
Account Type: Credit Card
Availability: Nationwide
Expiration: N/A

Bonus Requirements:

  1. Open a new Wells Fargo Active Cash Card with the ‘Apply Now’ button below
  2. Spend $1,000 or more within the first 3 months of account opening
  3. Receive a $200 bonus after meeting the spend requirements

3. Wells Fargo Reflect Card – 0% APR for 18 Months

Enjoy the lowest and longest intro APR. With the Wells Fargo Reflect Card, you’ll enjoy a 0% APR for 18 months with $0 annual fee.

Extend the introductory APR by for up to 21 months (an additional 3 months) with on-time minimum payments during the intro and extension periods.

Balance transfers made within the first 120 days of being a cardmember qualify for this intro rate.

Bonus Amount: 0% intro APR for up to 21 months
Account Type: Credit Card
Availability: Nationwide
Expiration: N/A

Bonus Requirements:

  1. Open a Wells Fargo Reflect Card using the link below
  2. Transfer in balances within the first 120 days of account opening
  3. Enjoy 0% APR for up to 21 months as long as your make on-time monthly minimum payments

4. Rewards Visa Credit Card – 2 Reward Nights

Wells Fargo is offering 3 free hotel nights when you open a Rewards Visa Credit Card. To receive the two reward nights, simply spend at least $1,000 during the first 3 months.

This credit card also gives you 1 stamp each time you spend $500 on purchase and 1 stamp for every night you stay at any eligible property booked on

Collect 10 stamps, get 1 reward night!

Bonus Amount: 3 Free Nights (worth $375 total; max $125 per night)
Account Type: Credit Card
Availability: Nationwide
Expiration: N/A

Bonus Requirements:

  1. Apply and get approved for a Rewards Visa Credit Card with the link below
  2. Spend $1,000 or more within the first 3 months of account opening
  3. Receive 3 reward nights worth $375 total (max of $125 per night)

Expired Wells Fargo Bonuses

Theses bonuses were previously offered by Wells Fargo, but have now expired and are not currently available. Wells Fargo may reactivate these offers again or have a similar deal in the future, so bookmark this page and check back often:

  • $400 bonus when you open a Wells Fargo Everyday Checking account and make three consecutive monthly direct deposits of $3,000 each month
  • $200 bonus when you open any consumer checking account with Wells Fargo and receive direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more within the first 90 days of account opening

Tips & Tricks For Wells Fargo Promotions

Bank Bonus: Existing vs New Customers

You need to be considered a “new customer” when it comes to Wells Fargo bank bonuses. You’re not eligible for account opening promotions like the $300 checking account bonus if:

  • You’re a current owner of a Wells Fargo consumer checking account
  • You have received a bonus for opening a Wells Fargo consumer checking account within the past 12 months
  • You are a Wells Fargo employee

If none of those apply to you, then you can get the bonus after completing the offer’s requirements.

For example, if you received a bank bonus from Wells Fargo more than 12 months ago and you currently don’t have a open checking account from them, then you’re good to go.

Credit Card Bonus: 15-Month Restriction

You’re not eligible for new credit card bonus rewards, bonus points, introductory annual percentage rates, or other offers if you’ve opened a Wells Fargo credit card within the last 15 months from the date of your new application.

This applies even if that account is closed. So while you may get approved, if getting the credit card sign-up bonus is an important factor, then wait at least 15 months before applying for a new card.

Additional New Credit Card 6-Month Rule

You also won’t qualify for an additional Wells Fargo credit card if you’ve opened a Wells Fargo credit card in the last 6 months.

Wells Fargo FAQs

Does Well Fargo really give you $300?

Yes, Wells Fargo will give you $300 when you open a new checking account and complete the qualifying requirements. There’s no catch!

For the current checking account offer, simply open an account and make qualifying direct deposits of $1,000 or more into the new checking account within 90 days from account opening.

It’s a win-win for both parties. You get extra money for trying out one of their products and Wells Fargo is saving money from not buying expensive TV ads. You didn’t find this offer today because of an ad, right? 🙂

What is a promotions bonus from Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo frequently offers a bonus for opening a bank account or credit card. You can find most Wells Fargo promotions on this page or by clicking here to show recent Wells Fargo offers.

From time to time, Wells Fargo may have targeted offers which are not publicly available and may vary from the details you see here.

How long does it take to get promo money from Wells Fargo Bank?

Payouts on bonuses from bank offers and credit card offers vary.

For bank bonuses, Wells Fargo will deposit the cash reward within 30 days of satisfying the offer requirements. For credit card bonuses, it typically takes 1 to 2 billing to appear once they’re earned.

If you haven’t received your bonus in the expected amount of time, contact Wells Fargo customer service. You can find their phone number on the Wells Fargo mobile app or on the back of your credit card.

Are sign-up bonuses taxed?

Cash bonuses from bank account offers are taxable and may be reported on IRS Form 1099-MISC. Keep in mind that even if no 1099-MISC (or 1099-INT) is sent to you, you’re still required to self-report and pay taxes. Consult your tax advisor for further information.

Credit card bonuses are typically not taxed, regardless if the bonus is in the form of cash, points, or miles. That’s because most credit card offers require a minimum spending amount to qualify for the bonus, so the reward is considered a rebate on the purchase rather than taxable income.

Do Wells Fargo offers expire?

Yes, like most bank bonuses and credit card sign-up promos, Wells Fargo offers generally have an expiration date.

Can I take advantage of multiple Wells Fargo promotions?

Yes, but it depends on when you apply, how long has it been since you had a bank account or credit card with them, and whether you’re considered a “new customer” versus an existing customer.

For example, once you receive a bonus for opening a Wells Fargo Everyday Checking account, you won’t be eligible to receive another bonus on a different Wells Fargo checking account for 12 months.

However, you’re still eligible to get a Wells Fargo savings account bonus or credit card bonus since the offer terms only exclude you from other consumer checking account promotions.

The Bottom Line

While Chase and American Express are the leaders in bank account and credit card promotions, it looks like Wells Fargo is making a strong effort to acquire new customers.

This is a great opportunity to try out Wells Fargo’s consumer products. While you shouldn’t pick a bank based only on a welcome bonus, it’s a great way to earn rewards to test different accounts and see what’s right for you.

Comment below if you have any questions regarding any of the Wells Fargo promotions.

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